Add power to your iPhone with 3GJuice

For helping out Henk ven Ess with "some" Linux problems, I got one of hist products for free, a 3G Juice power block for my iPhone. Despite the "3" in th name it works perfectly fine on my first gen iPhone, iPod Nano and Fat Nano as well as any other iPods.

It is a 5 by 5 centimers block that fits in your iPhone although I had to take my protective case off. It does not extend the battery of the iPhone, but charges the iPhone and therefor you just plug it in when you are running low but are not using the phone. Testso far show that is supercharges your iPhone fast, easy and you can easy double the usage time, a great product.

A full review can be found on CNet. A great add on for a roadmonkey like me that uses his iPhone a couple of hours per day. Thanks Henk!

It also shows that helping peple via twitter comes back to you.