Anti flat design, an idea that 3D icons change based on the location of the light

So once this flat Metro and iOS7 design is so 2013 we will have a new design hype to follow. Here is an idea. 3D icons, with heavy over the top shadows of the icon and in the icon itself. The shadow of these icons and in the icons will change based upon the direction the source of light. So when you rotate the device the light sensor will see that the light comes from another direction and icons rendering of the icons shadow will change.

Based oupon a facebook thread. Yes, I did mean "bumpmapping" as we have had for years with 3D rendering engines. With the exception that the rays causing the shadows are the real rays from the sun or another lightsource. These can be detected with a technology of having multiple cams / readers on teh front, much like how an optical mouse works.

Cool idea? And yes, in the dark you will still have your flat iOS design :-)

UPDATE: there is a patent of Apple that describes something like this.

An infographic of Bert Boerland's FourSquare checkins

Watch Plex on an unjailbroken Apple TV (3) with PlexConnect

Starting PlexConnect for AppleTV3
I am a big fan of Apple gear, use it a lot. And hence I am a big fan of Plex, the best way to use media from a single source on many devices. Abroad on a wifi network, I can stream the TV shows from home to my iPhone for example. Great stuff.

I also own an Apple TV3. And to be honest, it was gaining dust. Yes it runs iOS, but you can not jailbreak a TV3. And default the Apple TV 3 is rather limit in use.

This is the reason that an Apple TV2 (can be jailbroken) is about 1.5-2 times as expensive on the second hand market. The device can do less, has lower specs, worse connections, but can be jailbroken and hence can be used to install a Plex client.

Enter PlexConnect! A set of Phyton scripts to be run on your Plex server. The servcie to be run as root, opens UDP/TCP 53 to start a DNS daemon. And all this proces does is look for request towards and rediect this towards the localhost of the plex server and serve the Javascript and XML files that render a working Plex client on the Apple TV. All you have to do on the AppleTV3 is alter your settings so the DNS the device is using is in fact your Apple TV!

The you start your unsued trailer app (ever used it? really?) and you have nearly full (channels arent working) Plex functionality.

Great stuff!

Using the Kinect as a security gesture 3D game device

An oldie, from DevCon20, Kinectasploit v2

Using a gesture based kinect interface to start two dozen security tools.

Source code at github:

"Complex, I know but that was the point ;-] to include many, many tools in a graphical, gesture-driven environment and have them
useful enough to hack into a system and retrieve a file from the windows VM's RECYCLE bin folders."

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