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And now KPN will be bought (in due time) by AT&T

I have worked for Pink Elephant, that was bought by Roccade making PinkRoccade and worked for AT&T. I have worked for Unisource that was insourced in KPN. I have worked for PinkRoccade (again) that was bought by Getronics (the worst thing that could happen, but that is another story). And Getronics-PinkRoccade was recently bought by KPN, as I predicted. And now KPN will be bought by ...


Speculation of a takeover bid for Royal KPN NV from AT&T Inc have been quickly dismissed, and although the Dutch telecoms operator will remain at the heart of takeover talk for the time being, an offer for the company is not expected in the short-term, analysts said.

...or maybe not.

But is weird to see, so many employers and it all comes together. See my linkedin profile for details and My Life in Business Cards. I think I will go to a company that will not be bought by AT&T but will buy the big T! :-)

Google Adsense stops with referral program

Weird. I always thought there was a shift in advertising from pageviews (3 years ago), towards Clicks per Thousends (CPM, now) towards Signups (Referrals, actually buying a product, 1 year from now) and Google and Amazon both had these kind of affiliate program's. Now Google is partly stopping with this ,a href="">referral program. From a mail I got from Google:

This is the case for referral units directing visitors to sign up for AdSense. After experimenting with this program over the past year, we've concluded that there are other products that are of higher value than this program to publishers in your region. As a result, referral units for the AdSense program will be retired in the coming weeks. Referrals to other products and services remain unaffected.

So they are only stopping the "adsense for adsense signup program" but still weird to see. The costs of running this service are next to nill (they already have accounting and billing in place) so why stop?

iTrip helpt boetes voorkomen

Mijn oude iPod Nano gebruik ik in combinatie met de iTrip van Griffin om in de auto naar MP3's, podcasts en audioboeken te luisteren. Jammer is dat de ether in Nederland sdtampvol zit, van Haarlem naar Amsterdam ZO kan ik op een frequentie luisteren via de radio naar mijn iPod maar rond Utrecht moet ik van frequentie veranderen.

Een goed product, ik kan het een ieder aan bevelen. Voor 2 tientjes heb je je iPod aan de auto radio "gekoppeld" en de buren in de file kunnen mee lusiteren :-) Een van de grote voordelen van ding is -laat de politie dit niet horten- is dat bij flitspalen er schijnbaar een frequentie wordt gebruikt waarom de iPod ook zit en dus hoor je zo'n 100 meter voor de flitspaal een paar tikken, gelijk aan een mobiele telefoon die stoort op de radio. Een nadeel, er zijn ook wat flase postives maar tot nu toe redelijk wat boetes voorkomen.

Gebruik een iPod, bespaar geld!

SimCity open source!

As someone with an urban planning background and an early addiction to computers (hence games), I played SimCity a lot. And when I say, a lot I mean a lot! I spend hours playing this excellent game, days, month. And the sequels just didnt do it for me.

So now the greatest game has become Open Source!

The original SimCity source code under the GNU General Public Library (GPL).


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