Call for animators, design an animation to be displayed on a 100 m tall KPN building for the Drupal 7 release

When the new version of Drupal (7) will be released, we need as much publicity as we can get to make sure people know about Drupal as the alternative for their proprietary software. While there is no "go to market" plan for D7, everybody should dive in and organise local parties or start implementing other wild ideas.

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One of these ideas is to have an animation run for a couple of hours on a nearly 100 meters tall building, the KPN (leading telco / hoster/ ISP in the Netherlands) building. More information on the building on

Paul from KPN convinced people in his Fortune 500 enterprise to use the lights on the building for at least 4 hours long for a Drupal animation to celebrate the launch of D7. Thanks KPN! Thanks Paul!

Imagine a Druplicon dancing on a 100 meters tall building, watched by 100.000's of people!

So what do we need to get this happening? We need an animation. Mentioning the release of Drupal 7, the URL and anything you can come up with within the limitations.

What are the limitations?

  • It is a monchrome bitmap, the lights self are green. It will be displayed in the evening when it is dark.
  • Each cell in the animation should be 22 pixels wide, 41 pixels high
  • The animation is 46 frames

So we need one BMP file with the dimension of 41 high by 1012 wide in monochrome. Can you help make this and license your work under a CC license?

If you can help the Dutch by displaying a huge animation in the most modern city in the Netherlands promoting Drupal, please attach your work in this issue. This would rock! Let's make it happen; Drupal 7 release at large!