Drupal and Joomla! against the RotW; the idea

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Since this month I am working over at Dutch Open Projects, an Open Source implementer in the Netherlands that specialises in PHP; zend, symfony, SugarCRM, Joomla and Drupal. Doing both Drupal and Joomla is fine with me, both have a place in the CMS landscape. And the goals of DOP is to offer the right Open Source solution for the customers needs, not to start a holly war of one Open Source tool against another.

Since the headquarter of DOP is located at a very nice place, we often hold x-camps at our place. Dont be surprised that a deer wonders by the swimmingpool out of the forrest behind our villa! Some time ago we had the SymfonyCamp over at our place. And we do have enough room for lots of tents and a BBQ.

See the full symfony pool at fickr.

We are planning on organizing a Joomla!/Drupal camp over a next couple of month. And the use the healthy competition between the two projects and to use the power of Open Source, we had the following idea:

From both communities a couple of dozen people can signup and camp at our place for a weekend. During this weekend both have the assignment to make as many migration tools as possible to migrate from the dominant proprietary CMS-es in the Netherlands;

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There's one missing

Escenic? ;-)

great idea!

What a great idea! And a worthy follow-up to the SymfonyCamp. Do you know if the SymfonyCamp is also still an option this year? I've been getting some questions about that, and since I'm not at DOP anymore, I can't answer them.

Good luck at DOP by the way. It's a great place to work if you can dodge the occasional bad decision. It's good to see that they finally decided to find the right tool for the client instead of trying to fit all clients into Joomla! which they did before.

Sounds cool! Need more info!

Bert -

That sounds like fun. We just heard that Drupal was "calling us out" down under, too, but that isn't until May.

Right now, we have a ton of things going on. Would you please email me the specifics of what you expect for this event so that we can see if we can coordinate volunteers and get things ready?

If we are hoping to demonstrate the power of open source solutions compared with existing proprietary implementations, then, getting ready will be key.

Thanks... Amy :)

And not forget our cook

And not forget our cook Floris who will serve some nice food :)