Drupal! Free! Porn!

I always said that /if/ I would run a porn site, I would use Drupal. Not because it has great image capabilities, it hasnt! But because it redefines [w:SEO]! There are a couple of porn sites out there using drupal, i'll dump some links later.

Now I have nothing against or for porn. Anyone with a sane mind, not under a drug and in full control of his / her mind can watch or create porn. In anyway they like, I really dont care. Note: I have another opinion regarding children and "unfree" porn.

Now Drupal has a new porn module;

There's only one thing better than porn and that's FREE PORN!!! Fetchgals is a public domain webspider used to download/ display free porn gathered from TGP sites (Thumbnail Gallery Posts). This module provides a user interface for the Fetchgals package and automates the whole process. It also allows you to display the content gained right there on your own Drupal site!

I think this will raise some elbowseyebrows in the Drupal community. But it wont be banned or removed I hope. We dont have a policy on what modules are allowed on drupal.org apart from the fact that they have to be licenced under the GPL. I think in due time we might want to ad some rules; not discrimination against race, people, religion etc would be the first one I think. What if there would be a purewhite.module? Or a swastika.module? This would be legal in the USA where drupal.org is currenlty hosted but would be prohibited in Germany for example. And there might be cases that are the other way around.

This raises another question. Wouldnt Drupal be better off when it was located in Europe (for example NL)? Or should it be distributed? Either way, thats another rethoric question. Which will be tackled once it becomes a real problem.

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What do you have against white people?


Porn does not belong in the same discussion as racism. Should there be limits on Drupal? The other day, I saw an advertisment for Robert Half and associates, who were advertising for a Drupal developer in San Francisco. Turns out the job was for a military recruiter.

I, personally, found the idea a little antithetical.

Then the other day, I found a site that was for a libertarian politician who was slightly to the right of most American Neocons -- who'd been bragging that he was using the same software as DailyKos -- I pointed out that Markos used Scoop, but demurred in that the persistance of that awful kludge could only be explained using words like "hypertrophy" and congradulated the candidate on having selected a superior platform.

Having volunteered some time with DeanSpace, and just as a general perception, I tend to think of Drupal as being left-leaning and actually very family friendly (and I can probably count myself as nearly family-hostile) -- but I also really LIKE my perception. When I read about this module, I, too, had a "well, there goes the neighborhood" reaction that probably really wasn't warrented.

But in all, I welcome anyone who wants to use Drupal.


And myself, I would as soon see Drupal remain open to anyone.

And if somebody wants to use Drupal to promote race wars or hatred or Digital Rights Management, I think they should be able to download the software, install it, try to get support in the forums and struggle with theming, just like anyone else.

Then, when their site is up and RUNNING, we can all converge on them en masse, like zombies in a George Romero flick, and strip the flesh from their bones. The best disinfectant being sunlight and all.

In other words, I think Drupal should just be software, and not a platform for a particular idealogy; so long as it remains open and free, its already serving a host of values that are universally recognized and of the greatest importance in promoting social progress.

Community and free speech are pretty important, and those are only two. ;)

well said

and i completly agree on all points. and i dont have anything against white people. some of my closest friends are white :-)

I dont get the "developer / recruiter" part. could you explain that? (nato?)

groets, bert boerland

The military...

Just hard for me to imagine a Drupal developer accepting a gig whose fundamental purpose is to recruit teenagers to ship off to Iraq and Afghanistan.

The subject of "where should the line be drawn" came up once before, with respect to a site that some people felt promoted hatred towards Muslims (http://drupal.org/node/14561).

While my own story would get really long-winded to try and explain in its entirety, the subject made me nervous because I run a site that could be construed as a "hate site" as well -- the idea is antithetical to the purpose of the site, in reality, but at the time the subject had come up, there was already a history of similar sites being shut down under similarly false pretenses.

So certainly its something that I'm sensitive to.

And the reference to "white people" was a rather feeble attempt at humor, just for the record. I happen to be a honky, myself.

(I am going to post a link to this in the general forum on drupal.org -- I think this is important enough that it should be called to the attention to the wider community at large).

Content is king

I can remember few other areas where 'mature' content really got things going. This must be a good development for Drupal. (Elbows or not! ;-)


sure the freud way of growing up has held true for many media. and there already are a lot of pron sites that user drupal. i'll have them somewhere in my bookmarks (for showing off drupal! really!) and will dump them later.

this specific module is nothing more than an existing script drupalised, not that cool. however, we had a small (very small) argument on the mailinglists about this module. and we changed the text on the page descibing the module a bit ("free porn" in captils 2 clicks from your frontpage might not be what you want)

thinko changed, thanks.

groets, bert boerland


laura posted it at "her" site as well (no, i dont do trackbacks)

groets, bert boerland


and again, they flys are comming to this dirt, since this artice is on the frontpage all all search engines when you look for "free porn". see for example google, this page is nr 6 right now when you look for "free pron".... really, if you would start a porn site, use drupal! ;-)

groets, bert boerland

Drupal Porn

I use Drupal 6.9 for my free porn link list. I find it allows a highly efficient interface for updating my free porn link list. It keeps everything neat, clean and organized without much effort on my part. Also the built-in taxonomy is perfect for helping the user find whatever they may be looking for. SEO right out of the box is huge! My list is growing everyday and Drupal provides a stable platform that I can trust will perform under stress as our database grows and our traffic streams increase.

Please be advised that if you decide to visit our site you will encounter highly graphic content. If you are not comfortable with human sexuality or are not legally allowed to view such material where you live or are not above the age of 21 DO NOT VISIT our site.

I use drupal to serve my free porn link list.

Hello all,

I use drupal for my free porn link list site. I find it to be excellent for list management. Drupal is a number of things right out of the box that allow me to concentrate on providing content to the user in a clean, organized and logical manner. With Drupal my site is heavily SE optimized. Drupal's base features enable me to concentrate my efforts and focus on fresh content and user experience which is crucial in my industry. Two features that work incredibly well are taxonomy and statistics/user tracking. I am able to determine what content my users prefer and tailor my additions to the database according to those prefs. For what I'm doing the stability and evolving platform of Drupal is perfect. I am confident that as my database grows and my traffic stream increases my site will be equipped to handle the demand.

If you decide to visit my site please understand that it contains extremely graphic adult material. If you are not comfortable with human sexuality or are not legally allowed to view such material where you live or are not at least 21 years old PLEASE DO NOT visit.


I just don't see how drupal works in improving the SEO of my site.


good article, thanks.