Drupal on Google trends

I have been using Google trends for some time but it seems that there is a new service: "...that allows viewing search term request statistics split up by geographical locations and languages.". This is strange since I have had this new service for my account for a very long time..?

Either way, it is funny to see where people searching for Drupal (or using Google as their DNS like I do, just type the search in the URL field of firefox) come from. Either there are a lot of Drupal users in Budapest, Hungary, or chx is the top Drupal seacher in the world :-)

Vancouver, Canada, is second and with chx in North America, lots of Drupal companies in Vancouver and Steven "moving there as well, Canada will surley rise.

We do have some gound to win however. So where are you -interested in Drupal- located?

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I use Google to search Drupal.org very, very frequently. It's super convinient. And of course, there is a strong user base here.

relative measures

The bars shown in the city/region/language tabs are relative to the searches made in that city/region/language. So what the data shows us is that compared to the number of queries made to Google, Hungary tops the Drupal searchers list. It is not that Hungarians search for more Drupal then anybody else in an absolute sense.

Gabor (a Hungarian :)

Drupal Hungary conference

I think the number of searches must have also been boosted by the mere fact that people are interested in the "The first Hungarian Drupal conference" that is going to "take place in Budapest on the 30th of September 2006" and where "Dries Buytaert is our guest with an overview and visionary presentation. Chx and other Hungarian Drupal developers and translators are going to present," as Goba points out on drupal.org.

Google Trends: Drupal Vs Joomla

Well! for a comparison if anyone has taken a look at how Joomla is faring against Drupal, you will find that the trends are in favor of Joomla, one thing to note is that both the CMS have shown a healthy rise in popularity which is a good sign. You might have see how joomla since its start in 2005 rised above Drupal in popularity and is still way above. I have posted some of the latest trends and observations at my blog on drupal vs joomla in case you wish to read more on comparison.