Better nvidia drivers for linux

My new system not only uses windows, I also installed a Linux distro (Suse). And quess what kind of hardware I am using for my graphical card? Thank you NVidia!

Wolfensteinet (free as in beer, avail for win and linux and looking good!))) here I come.

Hardcore Blogging?

Hardcore Blogging?

As worn by Jeanniecool at the 2004 Emerging Tech conference (picture courtesy of Stewart Butterfield, Flickr.com.

Women should B(ang)log more often ;-)

Could you point me to building 3.14159...

Could you point me to building 3.14159...

Mmm, with Google searching the web is easier than asking for directions at their office location :)

Drupal Lanparty

I used to play Doom ][ and DukeNukem way back in the nineties. Since than I haven't upgraded my hardware so all this quake, halflife and everything else, went straight by me. Since some time I do have a new system and I installed a win32 on it (yes, I am lame), including unreal tournament 2003. And boy, this is cool! You can see every grasstow, every leaf, every snowflake ...and every bullet before it hits me.

Playing against friends, no matter how bad you are at gaming, is always fun. So bas, should I install this module?

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