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meer roze

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blup blupread this if you dislike [SUV]'s:

Katherine Peacock saw it, but she didn't believe it.

A sport utility vehicle had just crashed through her fence, rolled across her patio deck and into her backyard swimming pool.

She watched, stunned, as the vehicle began to sink.

"I thought I was dreaming," said Peacock, 80. "I was so shaken up."

Meanwhile, Pat and Mimi Campanella sat inside the 2001 silver Toyota Highlander as it filled with water.

"As we landed in the pool, I remembered a movie and I waited for the water to fill the car and then I opened the door," said Pat Campanella, 56. Letting water in equalizes the pressure and allows the door to open.

A true SUV-KUT

Executive misionary of B2C2B Interaction ifrastructures

I am looking for a new job. As nobody understands my real job (Administrative Organisation and Internal process controller (truth!)), I went looking for a new jobdescription.

Now people still don't know what I am doing, but at least now I also have a way to bullshit them into being to affraid to ask.

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