CERT Recommends Mozilla, Firefox

CERT Recommends Mozilla, Firefox - [SlashDot]

Some people think using IE can give you "the browsing experience". Some people know, the browser reloaded is The ONE!

Skype, call home

Whoops, one can use skype (a VOIP client for WinCE, Win32 and Linux, as blogged before on [skype|willy]) to call "real" (both POTS and Mobile) phones.

Time to enter (upgrade) the skype; download a client (mac client on its way mikew) and add bertboerland to your contacts.

Van der Sar EK 2004 naar de kwartfinale

Van der Sar heeft gelijk aan de Breuk zijn eigen trekjes.


Bored? Try to beat the internet population by holding the button. Yaaaahwn....

Self criticism

Clothing tag, from the US of A, sold in France. Hilarious

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