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Self criticism

Clothing tag, from the US of A, sold in France. Hilarious

Novell kickin ass

A couple of weeks ago I had a meeting with Novell regarding OpenSource and I mentioned that I disliked the fact that YAST of Suse was still not OpenSource. A day later Novell announced that they opened up YAST.

A few weeks later I had another meeting with them, complimented them with GPL/YAST but mentioned I would love to see a full ISO instead of a netinstall ISO. The next day, Novell announced they had the full ISO, as blogged on [iso|willy].

So now I am installing my new system with Suse 9.1 and I dont like it that the personal edition will install a 32 bits kernel despite the fact I have a 64 bit piece of iron (melting it down!) and the professional version does support AMD 64.

So, when is my next meeting with Novell? :-)

Willy in Pink

Willy in Pink

Willy Dobbe in Pink; because of the birth of Brecht Willy's stylesheet were slighly modified as well as the logo for a couple of weeks from 26/05/04 on. Logo by BasL

Cool IBM

Few institutions can rival its scope or depth. Five IBM employees have won Nobel Prizes for, among other achievements, the discovery of electron tunneling and the invention of a microscope that captures images of individual atoms. Add to that seven National Medals of Technology, five National Medals of Science and four A.M. Turing Awards. In each of the last 10 years, IBM has received more patents than any other company or individual in the world.

Oooh, did I tell you that I happen to like IBM? 3 days of excellent articles at news.com on IBM

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