Random Quotes

I added a couple of quotes to the database (well table) under the random qoutes block (currently in leftside lower part).

Some are even funny:

Failure is not an option. It's hardcoded.

tail -f /dev/mind > blog

The Signal/Noise ratio can be improved in two ways. Remaining silent is the OTHER way.

Linux? You can get a less powerful system, but it will cost you more.

"You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." -- Albert Einstein

Q: What do you think will be the biggest problem in computing in the 90s?
A: There are only 17,576 TLA's!

Disco never died - it always smelled that way.

Linux: The world's best text-adventure game.

The Wright brothers were not the fist to fly an aircraft ... They were the first to LAND and aircraft

Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

"remember me" bug solved?

I think the long standing "remember me" bug has been solved on willy at last. So if you have (had) an account on willy, please login once more with the "remember me" checked.

From now on, your browser will store your credentials, so you dont have to login again.

Otherwise, create an account on willy.

UPDATE: The bug is not resolved, I will upgarde in the next couple of weeks and will migrate to another machine and hope that the issue is solved by that time.

UPDATE: the bug has been solved! Please login with your account and you wontg be loggedout again! (I hope)

Foto's van Brecht's eerste maand online

Een nieuwe gallery met foto's van je eerste maand is online. Veel gelukmakende dagen die weerspiegeld worden in de camera. Stralende Brecht, voor jou zet ik de ISO waarde wat lager. :-)

Tux en Brecht

Tux en Brecht

Een echte stoere meid als jij bent, doet het natuurlijk niet met een watjes OS. Echt en puur, anders niet (dat, en ik wilde laten zien hoe klein je handen waren door mijn sleutelhanger er naast te leggen)

Oma double peace

Oma double peace

Oma doet ook Peace zoals Kitty. Maar doet het meer op een manier zoals ze 50 jaar geleden deed toen ze Baloe was bij de welpen (padvinderij scouting). Wij dipdipdipdip.

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