100 things about bert boerland

I am in my early 30ies
I don't have illegal software installed on my systems
I am righthanded
I have two left hands
I regularly drink beer
I wish they sold SCOX put options
I am surprised by my love for gardening
I miss travelling alone
I have worn spectacles since I was 10
I am 1.95 tall (that is in meters)
I weigh less than 80 kilos
I live with my girlfriend
I still remember the first time I was called "Sir"
I use to make loads of animations on my amiga
I can become an asshole when drunk
I don't miss living in a city as much as thought I would
I have more than 4 different Linux distributions on my systems
I like my coffee hot and strong, two sugar
I do not were a tie
I trust my girlfriend
I am not anti microsoft, I am pro GNU/Linux
I have never done a bungeejump
I visited church up till the age of 15
I watch every race of GrandPrix
I read too fast
I own a car despite my priciples I use to have
I shower for more than a quarter of an hour per day
I should spent more time rebuilding my house
I love the Dutch skies
I am good in presales
I spell my name all in lower case
I studied in Groningen
I love IBM and love to bash SUN
I have too much testosterone
I don't like soccer
I have the sweetest mother in the world
I still know all my PIN codes
I should spent more money
I hate hangovers
I don't do windows
I own a playstation I
I interrupt people
I am not an Instant Messaging kind of guy
I wish I could be a good programmer
I cook any recipe in one cooking pot
I spent more than 5 hours per day on the Internet
I wrote for a computer magazine when I was 18
I cried when my daughter was born
I cried when Nelson Mandela walked out of prison
I wish I could cry more
I like to sleep with my feet out of the bed
I think 3 years ahead of my time
I use firefox
I used to be good in TCP/IP routing protocols
I take friends for granted
I love to do useless stuff
I don't read newspapers
I drive to fast
I don't like people with sunglasses in their hair
I change my underwear daily
I used to smoke a lot of cigars
I donate to the EFF
I am an atheist
I would love to have my own company
I can't remember my dreams in the morning
I can't stand injustice
I love sailing with experienced sailors
I can give a presentation without powerpoint
I have more than 5 PC's
I can think fast, ...I think
I am a member of the PvdA
I watch less than an hour television per day
I love my little girl Brecht as much as I love her mother Francis
I am not as smart as I think I am
I don't draw cartoons anymore
I am an OpenSource advocate
I visit the hairdresser three weeks too late
I dislike one trick pony people
I don't use capitals (often)
I hate it when people write about Mb when the mean MB
I love walking through cities on my own
I like the company of close friends
I get bored soon
I love creative people around me
I love young creative people who are willing to change the world
I believe in distributed computing
I buy my clothes twice a year
I have still all the issues of hacktic
I have a very strong physical language when I m bored (or so I was told)
I get more than 300 spam mail per day
I use spamassassin
I still want to be 20 again
I am not the nicest person in the world
I can spent days alone
I rejoined a company that I left half a decade ago
I still see my "Jaarclub" on a regular basis
I can get quite a temper
I would love to meet the Beatles
I shouldn't touch computer hardware
I am finished

100 things about me

De Doeks uut Hasselt

dukesDe beste campagne om zuiniger te rijden van VROM; hetnieuwerijden.nl. Op de tv (maar ook op de radio) een geweldige paradie van de dukes ([dukes|willy over dukes]) op de enige plek waar de dukes in Nederland zeer waarschijnlijk bestaan; in de achterhoek (Hasselt).

De doeks hebben ook een foute oranje auto (Genral Lee) maar met een Nederlandse vlag in plaats van de zuiderlijke rebel. Geweldige campagne, indien je hem nog niet gezien hebt, bekijk de commercials hier.

En als toetje nog een leuke game ook. Way to go VROM, liever op de digitale highway dan de echte zoals het CDA wil.

Google's beta Catalog

via Basl, Google has a new catalog service. One can search through printed books as well; excellent stuff from the Cool Company TM.



Once again, cool stuff.

Personal Video Recorder, PVR with Mythtv

Slashdot is runing a story about watching TV on your PC, rivaling embedded PVR's like Tivo. And once my system is up and running that is what I will make; the ultimate PVR with [mythtv] on top of Suse. And since I use standard hardware -which will be fixed in a couple of days- I will be able to "Build Your Own PVR" with byopvr. I use the 250 version of this one, difference is I wont be able to listen to the Radio (who cares) via cable and there is no hardware MPGE2 decoder, there is a hardware encoder though. However, most radio stations have a realaudio/msft stream as well.

Now I come to think of it, in the future, most TV stations will have a stream on the net as well, making this hardware obsolete (soooo 2004).

Suse and Freeswan ... and full ISO's.

My new system -which is still not operationel thanks to some hardware problems- named NewBorn will run Suse Linux. And just when I downloaded the boot.iso that is needed to do a netinstall, Suse made the full iso available. This is a good thing, thanks Novell!

In related news, Novell now supports the FreeSwan / OpenSwan VPN client/server project, also good news Novell. Now, NOVL we are waiting for an official statement regarding LTSP.

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