Frans Alkemade goes ego commenting

Regular readers of Willy might know that I have some history with Frans Alkemade. First he made a website that was full of Java nonsense promo talk while the product he was promoting was in fact Drupal (a leading PHP CMS). When the community found out about it, he quickly cleaned the site and claimed that a student has placed the text on the site without his knowledge. Then it came to my attention that he is selling Drupal as his Strategic Website violating the GPL. Then we found out that he copied the text from the Drupal handbook that is cc licensed (all he had to do it give a link) and when we found out he deleted all the entries (hence lots of dead pages at his site.

Now let me make it clear, I am fine with people making money, I know I make a lot enough. I am fine with people making money from open source products, it is the best way to make progress and make money. I even like the "Cathedral in the Bazaar" way of making money (for example: dual licensing a product). I don’t care, as long as people stick to the rules we made. I like it better when the people are aligned to the open source project as well, but that is not necessarily for making money in the Bazaar.

I am not on a crusade against this Frans Alkemade, I never met him and probably never will. He might be a nice person, I don’t know. But I do know that his track record is showing that he is using the GPL code and the CC text in a way that is prohibited and in a way I don’t like.

So if you Google for Frans Alkemade you will find lots of posting, most likely my postings first. Frans is smart enough to know the impact of Google searches on a person and on a persons business, so there are some very positive stories out there on the net written by his "customers".

Really, I have lots of customers, and some even like me :-). But never do they like me enough to write out of the blue a love letter on the net about me. They might drop a comment on my LinkedIn profile, the might send me a "thank you" mail. But never do they blog about me out of the blue.

The "customers" of Frans however do. They love him to pieces.

See for example HIS blog at blogspot where "John Franklin" writes a love story about Frans.

Frans Alkemade was fantastic to work with. He showed me many of his demo sites as well as his client sites. What he showed me was many different types of open source solutions that his company utilized, then customized to fit my needs.

Lovely isn’t it?

The exact same text was on a comment on my site as well. This time by a "Pete". I didn’t publish the comment (it was tagged as spam ) but here is a screenshot

[image:7990 size=preview]

And Drupal tells you the source address of the person publishing the comment as well:

[image:7989 size=preview]

So where do you think will lead you?

Indeed, Frans' little hideout! Frans is writing stories about himself by himself!

[image:7991 size=preview]

Dear Frans, You have stolen our code, you have stolen our documentation, please stop stealing your own dignity.

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One client actually did blog about Frans

One client did blog about him (pity he/she can't spell):

wasnt me

though (s)he cant spell either, it wasnt me! :-)

note that these anti messages are just as trustworthy as the pro messages and can be made up by competitors.

except this site of course :-)

groets, bert boerland

Not him

hey, i'm not the guy you are talking about, i am a seventeen year old californian. The guy you are talking about is my dad, not me. Please don't bash my blog, i didn't do anything. If you think i'm lying, i'll do whatever you want me to do to confirm it.


so it was you instead of your dad promoting your dad under a fake name? (if it is true)

what is the ifference?
groets, bert boerland


ohh no, i was not promoting my dad. I have had nothing to do with this whole hubababaloo. My dad was just trying to defend his name. He is a great boss, and I can tell you what i have seen go on with his businesses. Just email me, and i'll anser any questions truthfully. My dad isn't a bad guy, he just got screwed by an insane engineer.