Happy b-day d dot o

Ten years ago. A decade. Ten years ago I registered drupal.org and gave the domain after a couple of days to Dries. I can still remember choosing between .com (more popular, even then) and .org and decided to register the later. I found it a better fit for the community. If I wasn't so cheap, I would have registered both but the domainname claiming was not where it is today. In the end, everything went well and drupal.com was donated as well.

Now d dot o has a pagerank of 9, many subdomains, an own URL shorter; dgo.to and there are thousands of domainnames -most not complying with the trademark policy- with Drupal.

Ten years ago. A decade. I think someday someone will study the history of our community in an academic way. I also think that we should document our own past; "Project Drupast, documenting the future that was". As an open source community, much of our activity has been very well preserved, in code, documentation and on post on d.o itself. A bit of history can be found on the history page. But it doesnt do justice to our rich culture of ten years rocking the web. So take a look at a small timeline I started on tiki-toki. I know that with drupal core, cck, views, the timeline module and lots of templating, this could be done in Drupal as well and would welcome any initiative like that for "project Drupast". But untill that day, I would like to gather a couple of people who would want to help me putting the most important dates in this timeline. So if I know you, trust you, please contact me to get Drupast kicking like d.o does.

Ten years ago, I wrote Dries "Have fun with the new domainname". He did. We did. d.o rocks!