How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Tuberaider Video: How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Luckily the fine people here put together a little script that lets you save youtube files on your computer.
Basically, use a better browser, install greasemonkey, install a script. And there you go, a nice "download this flash movie" link in your browser! You do know that the browser is the hub! Might be handy for you, I have to give a presentation for a customer in a couple of days and wanted a movie to be in the presentation, so this saves me time.

UPDATE: see lots of tools on mashable

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Download from youTube, google video, putfile, iFilm etc

Heres a nice site which lets you download from youTube, Google Video, Putfile, iFilm etc ..

Hope this helps!!


You can download and save YouTube videos to your PC at YouTubeX!
Easiest place on the web to download YouTube videos. Even allows you to preview the video before downloading it!

youtubex is no longer work

Youtubex is no longer work. I am using save youtube videos to download the videos story

here is the story of why is banned :

Youtube downloading

ok, the easiest way to download videos from ANY streaming site, is to use IDM, Internet Download Manager. Its software that,once installed, wil place a download link on top of any video of any site. It can download up to 20mb/s. Here is the link, just download, install, and when installing, make sure to click "embed in firefox/IE" and then it will take over downloads

:) easy

hack youtube

hi dudes.
thanks for posting this comments that show how download from youtube, but there is another amazing way that is mine.
when u browse each page on web it's content sit on your computer, this is why when u replay movies in youtube it doesn't download movie again.
so when you use firefox and opera u can easily get the movie.
firefox cache address is this:
C:\Users\your user name\Local Settings\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\h1exd4fx.default\Cache

so arrange files by size or date created and one of most large files is your movie and copy it to your desktop and rename to "something.flv" and open with KMPlayer that is free or jetAudio 7+ and enjoy.

Opera cache address is this:

this is awesome

this is too good man i have been trying to do this with IE for such a long time but it works awesome with firefox i am so happy..... thank you shantia

Thank you for the site, i

Thank you for the site, i have been looking for it so long.

download from

D.I.Y.V ( pronounced dive ) allows you to download movies from, and very easily. No more copy and pasting from one window to another.


Here is a cool site which

Here is a cool site which lets you download from youTube, Google Video, and iFilm. It also features video ranking, hot video list and personal collections of movies.

Hope this helps!!

You can download YouTube

You can download YouTube video at
The downloaded files will be in .flv format, so you don't need to change extension or anything.

saving & playing youtube videos

i'm having trouble playing youtube video files that i have downloaded using a number of the web-based tools listed here and elsewhere. they all seem to download the files fine, but i've never been able to play any of them. using a G4 running os x.2.8, i've tried saflash 7 & 8 (standalone flashplayers), vlc, and a freestanding swf player. none have worked irrespective of whether i have added a ".flv" (or even ".swf) extension or not. any suggestions? doesn't seem like it should be this hard once the files have been saved. i'd be grateful for help of any kind. thanks in advance.



Hi jim i also had this problem but i escaped from this by using k- lite codec pack which you can find easily on the net. It will give 100% perfomance .

Use this to play:

Use this to play:
Maybe you have a problem when adding .flv, try the one above: ~> the downloaded file will be in .flv format by default, so you don't have to add or change the extension.

Good luck!

playing youtube .flv videos

thanks for responding. the problem with flvplayer is that, judging by the extension, this is designed for use in windows. as i pointed out, i am using a mac G4 running OS X.2.8, so that won't work for me. i did finally find a solution however, and am downloading and playing vids like a machine. thanks again.


Playing FLV

FLV Viewer (Google it) works well for me. It's not the most usable program ever, but it does the job.

Someone should ban all video formats other than MPG! I've got about five players where there should be one.

FLV player

here can download FLV player for free from Applian, The screen can be 0.5x , 1x and 2x big.

hi jim. so what was the

hi jim. so what was the solution for mac that you found? care to share. thx!

playing youtube .flv videos on mac

hi jim,

just wondering if you could please tell me how you downloaded .flv videos off youtube so that it plays on a iMac. (damn apples). if you could reply, it would be great as i really need to download this video asap!

thanks jess

you can play flv using media player

download ffdshow (not the beta version)
and mark inside the encoders list the flv
and then you can watch flv files on media player

private videos on youtube

i use the keepvid and there's no problem with the downloading
but some of the videos can't be downloaded
is the status "private video" made the link invisible?
is there any other way to download it?
here's one of the link for examp :


Download Videos From YouTube

Here's another nice, clean site that's build for the sole purpose of downloading videos from YouTube -


checkout this howto as well

groets, bert boerland

I use

I use to save YouTube videos and have never had any problems.

There's even a FLV player to play the YouTube videos and a FLV converter to convert them to other formats like MPEG and WMV.

rip youtube videos to your ipod

rip youtube videos to your ipod
groets, bert boerland

private videos on youtube

You can download videos from youtube (private videos too)... and from many other video sites here:

and how can i download

and how can i download private vidoes from youtube? would you explain?

and how can i download

and how can i download private vidoes from youtube? would you explain?

Another way

There are some freeware and nice tool that does all the job easily and fast and even have its own integrated flv player, then no more need to do convertions, just download and play from youtube.

Here is the link

YouTubia is even better than any other sites... youtubia is a fullblown youtube clone with download capability

how to save in youTubia


I went to Youtubia but I can't find any button that allows me to save the video or any interface. There is only a URL and and Embed option in a Menu , but I don't know what they are there for.

Any one knows how to save inside youTubia?




let me share with you all about YOutubia YouTubia - search & save youtube videos is a youtube search engine that let you save the videos to your's pretty neat

Great Tools :)

Great Tools :) For those who have trouble with script, why not try online tools available? I’d like to recommend a useful tool here:
With it, you are capable of downloading video clips from YouTube, and the downloaded files will automatically be in .flv format. Then renaming or extension changing is unnecessary, all you need is a FLV Player which may easily found by Google. Good luck!

youtube downloader

Hi, you can download youtube video on other alternative :
tx. Thom.

How to download YouTube videos WITHOUT installing any script

check this out :

how to download youtube

is the best site to download all video from etc

this site supports lots of website to download

Could someone recommend a

Could someone recommend a good video converter with which I can convert flv to a normal type of vid?

more info google operating system

see blogspot

groets, bert boerland

use this tool ;)


I use SaveTube to save youtube videos.

There is another site at

There is another site at which does the same thing. It lets you download videos from youtube, break, dailymotion, etc.


this site helped me out by telling me what my error was. The other sites just said "error" and left me to drown.


For some reason whenever I try to download any clips it doesn't work. I've already looked through the whole thread and tried all the websites but it doesn't work on any of them. When I try to download a video from my computer comes up with 'page not found' and i don't know why it won't work. Could someone please help me out?

copy the url in the form

copy the url in the form
go to, paste the url, and download the link it gives you

Try KeepV, I download all my YouTube videos with this website

how to download a movie from youtube

a good description in Polish can be found here

Good page

here is another good page in Polish with a full description how to download and save a movie from YouTube, Google Video on your computer

download a movie from youtube

there is a good page in Polish

Converting youtube Videos

I can't convert any of youtube videos i downloaded, Replay Converter constantly says it can't read the file. so how can i convert it so I can put it on my mp3 player, a Zen:Vision M. what software will convert these videos without a DiVX code and can actually read the file!? HELP! :o

P.S. The file does play on my computer, but only with window's media player and i can't copy it to my device, because some type of File Error occurs.