Eboy goes on

I blogged about [pixel*|pixeliseren] once or twice before. But when it comes to this art eboy is the bomb! He has got some nice cities, a bodypart shop and some faces mixed up.


The best cartoon I know

follow that ...

... never mind. and I hope you are watching this on a 21" monitor.

Wulffmorgenthaler, the man with the Axe

One of the best commics around, WulffMorgenthaler. Today, the man with the axe. A RSSfeed is available as well and has been added to willy.
What is your fav toon?

very important things

It seems that a very cool RSS feed / website is closing down; very important things. Too bad, I really liked the 60-ies pictures taken out of the context by adding some cracking textlines.

XML feed