random garfield

Garfield is not a funny cartoon, not even remotely. Thats a fact. However, random sniplets put together make clear how stupid Garfield is.

Mickey Mouse Motherf*kers

On this page one can find information aboyt the band Mickey Mouse Motherf*kers (and you though Michael Moore had a hard day fighting disney). A rather cool promo and a happy song that will stay with you for the rest of the day....

Mickey Mouse Motherf*kers...

Flashy Beatles

bert dont shout... bert dont shout.... bert d

AAAggg!!!! I have just seen the coolest flash video ever! A videoclip so creative, so nicely cut, beautiful camera points, use of colors and symbols, so hip, one forgets it was made with flash. The person who made it is clearly an artist, getting more out of flash than was put in to it.

A videoclip of the Beatles the way they would have made it themselves if they were around in 2004.

TLE fanclub

Hello Childs! Do you like secrets?

Do you like clubs? Do you like violence? And lasers? And belts?

TLE Secret Fanclub

(But remember, it's a secret!)

holy easteregg!

A rather strange //batcartoon.

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