On the importance of kerning, de gilfactor


See for example these "10 flickering lights". Or do you read something else?

Or this "megaflicks"?

Yes, "kerning" is important!

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.

Just saw a great example n Dutch TV. There is a program called "de gil factor", the scream factor. But with the wrong kerning, it read "The Gilf actor".

And that from the deepest christian broadcaster EO

3d scan of my room using the kinect

I love all the stuff one can do with the Microsoft Kinect. Take for example, this scan of my bay window

(looks like a snow bawl due to the white parts outside)

And without color:

The kinect can be used for much more then just scanning. Scanning one's girlfriend for example :-)

No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born.

No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born. Yet every year, thousands make this epic journey - battling their way up one-way streets, and through congested city centres - to the very same sporting venue in which they began their lives. They end their journeys exhausted, barely able to complete the final act for which this epic journey was made. It was here that they were born; it is here that they will spawn the next generation of law-enforcers; and it is here that they will end their lives - in the terraces of their ancestral arena, after one of the greatest migrations of the natural world.

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Alfred Eisenstaedt, Instagram hate

Alfred Eisenstaedt. One of the best known photographers of the world from the last century. Best know for hist freedom "V J Daykiss photo on timesquare.

And known for his great photos of the beautiful Monroe:
alfred eisenstaedt photos of  monroe

He was lucky enough to meet Einstein as well and made the most well known photo of the genius.
Alfred Eisenstaedt phots of Einstein

He made photos of ms Loren in lingerie, Churchill making the "V"ictory sign and many many great photos. President Kennedy, Dali are just a few of the well know persons. But his work on anonymous people and everyday objects is even better. Be sure to scroll on this page containing most of his work.

Many photos from Alfred Eisenstaedt

By far his best work however is his two photos of Goebbels, the German (pre) WorldWar 2 propaganda minister. Goebbels was known to play the media, be smiling in the papers and always laugh when in public. He knew how to play the camera in an age where most politicians didnt pay attention to the media, most americans didnt even knew their president during that period was in a wheelchair.

Alfred Eisenstaedt was born in Poland within a Jewish family and unfortunately witnessed the rise of the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler. He tried to gain ground profesionalment in Berlin, but inevitably had to emigrate to the United States because of his Jewish background.

Alfred Eisenstaedt was perhaps the only man who could portray the face of evil, hypocrisy and hatred that can hold a human. There are two photos, without much time lapse between the one and the other.

It happened in Geneva. He had the opportunity to portray Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Minister of Propaganda. In the first picture there was no major problem because the atmosphere was relaxed and Goebbels was showing off his smile.


For the next picture, the face of Joseph Goebbels changes radically, it decomposes. We had been warned that one of the accredited photographers (Alfred Eisenstaedt), was Jewish, places him, and gives him a demonic look.


In the 1985 book, Eisenstaedt on Eisenstaedt: A Self-Portrait, the then-87-year-old photographer discussed how the Goebbels picture came about:

In 1933, I traveled to Lausanne and Geneva for the fifteenth session of the League of Nations. There, sitting in the hotel garden, was Dr. Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s minister of propaganda. He smiles, but not at me. He was looking at someone to my left…. Suddenly he spotted me and I snapped him. His expression changed. Here are the eyes of hate. Was I an enemy? Behind him is his private secretary, Walter Naumann, with the goatee, and Hitler’s interpreter, Dr. Paul Schmidt…. I have been asked how I felt photographing these men. Naturally, not so good, but when I have a camera in my hand I know no fear.

Read more at life.time.com. An instagram filter revelaing the true hate.

Once again: the phoney before


and the evil after:

Never before has anyone shot a fake smile and a horor face within seconds that held so much of things to come. Instagram hate.

Bert Boerland Bold

Just uploading ONE single image to a webservce and ending up with a 3D model of the person. No hair though..

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