Mini Mac

So I am thinking about buying a Mini Mac Mac or an IMac. Because it has the best Userinterface and you can in depth with a UNIX prompt underneath it. Reading 10 Things Every New Mac Owner Should Know was a good starter for me. But then I read the rumours about the Mini mac as a PVR. Apart from the fact that I still have to convince my better half that Iwe need a new computer, should I wait or buy one now?

35 sexy websites

The 35 sexiest designed websites. There are some real gems in there, be sure to check them out!

Best Flash Site I have Ever Seen

This website is one of the best sites I have seen (done in flash). It shows (I quess?) the potfolio of a very creative person / agency. Real nice navigation, be sure to spend at least 10 minutes, truly great!


Ajax all the way in a very nice way, drop the boxes where you want them, add a rss feed and if you dont care for security, supply the site with your gmail account information (including password!), and get the Netvibes.

This is your personalized page, you can now modify everything: move modules, add new RSS/ATOM feeds, change the parameters for each module, etc. Your modifications are saved in real-time and you'll find your page when you get back on If you want to be able to access your page from any computer, you can sign in (at the bottom right) with your email and a password.

Off the wall

At there is everything wallpaper related: High quality free desktop wallpapers for high resolution and widescreen - now with 1920x1200 & 2560x1600, dual monitor, web design, user interfaces, skins, icons, logotypes, and more}

VladStudio is a design company run by graphics enthusiast and digital artist Vlad Gerasimov. Since 1998, I have been providing competition-winning user interfaces for web sites and software applications. I specialize in web design and development, database-driven sites, skins, icons, logotypes and collateral graphics. In my spare time, I create wallpapers for your desktop. My commercial work and artwork has received enormous positive feedback. I love my job, and I am happy to play a part in my clients' success.

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