Leap userinterface with Flickr, Minority Report User Interface is here (well sort of :-)

I recently gave a presentation about Natural User Interface and dived again in my old (?) leapmotion.

It can do minority style user interface within a webapp:

3d scan of my room using the kinect

I love all the stuff one can do with the Microsoft Kinect. Take for example, this scan of my bay window

(looks like a snow bawl due to the white parts outside)

And without color:

The kinect can be used for much more then just scanning. Scanning one's girlfriend for example :-)

The analog loophole, using a lego mindstorm and Mac to bypass the DRM on a Kindle

I love the idea of using the analog loophole to bypass copyprotection / DRM. For example filming in the movie in the cinema (usually very bad quality) or...

From allthingsd:

Using Lego’s Mindstorms — a basic robotics kit popular with hobbyists — plus a Kindle and a Mac, he has assembled a way to photograph what’s on the screen, and then submit it to a cloud-based text-recognition service.

To bad I dont have a kindle. Nor really the need to copy a work like this. But still, once the WorlWide cyber police controls us all; we can stull use the analog loophole to get back at them :-)

DIY kindle scanner from peter purgathofer on Vimeo.

Tilt / Time Shifted Video of Kids playing Minecraft

My kids just love minecraft.

Macbook faster awake


If you care more about the fact that your MacBook (air) wakes up fast then that is saves battery while hybernated, you can put you mac into a lesser deep sleep.

Just type open a terminal and type:
sudo pmset -a standbydelay 43200
(followed by a prompt asking for your password)

For 12 hours long, you MB should wake up fast, after 12 hours of hybernation, your mac will go into a deeper sleep.

See osxdaily for the details:

Because the default setting is over an hour anyway, you won’t be able to tell the difference until after the default 70 minute period has lapsed, but when you wake the machine up it should now happen much faster because it’s waiting until the full 12 hour period to pass before going into deep sleep standby mode.

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