Mac fanboys and me

Everybody who bought a Mac before I did is just a stupid Mac fanboy, I'm just in for the functionality.

— Wisdom, needed by Bert Boerland as justification for buying his first Mac

Magnatune's podcasts are great, not evil at all

Via the Twit network I found out about a great serie of Podcasts over at Magnatune. They are free (as in beer), DRM free, advertisement free and well categorized. Sure worth listening to it on your iPod.

Talking about iPods, yesterday I bought the new fat Nano, my second iPod and .. my first Mac; an iMac! I ordered them online and hope to have them in a week or so. In even more unrelated news, Apple is worth more then IBM! (well, maybe not, but still)

Beste iPhone commercial there is (and it's even not from apple)

This is the best commercial Steve could wish for the iPhone, a two year old that is using the touch User Interface like she has done so all her life.

YouTube - 2 year old Baby Anna loves Coldplay on iPhone

A sniplet from IRC:

[10:37] <bertboerland> i want one....
[10:38] <RobLoach> Yeah, I want a kid too... They look tasty.
[10:39] * bertboerland hands two kids to Robloach... have fun
[10:39] <RobLoach> Excellent.
[10:39] <bertboerland> just give them back around 19:00- cet
[10:39] <RobLoach> There's no SDK for the iPhone though.
[10:40] <bertboerland> sure there is ... it is called a website
[10:40] <bertboerland> (ajax) :-)
[10:40] <RobLoach> Web application != software
[10:40] <bertboerland> tell steve

UPDATE: in fact it is so good the owner has disabled vieuwing this commercial unless you are authorized so. It was a two year old playing with the iPhone in a way that showed of how simple it and elegant it was to use. If you have seen this video on anothe rplace, please dump a comment and I'll update this post

iPhone, The Missing Manual

The iPhone is only sold for a couple of hours and already there is a book called "The Missing Manual". Strange, but it should be good since it is from O'Reilly Media

As you'd expect of Apple, the iPhone is gorgeous. iPhone: The Missing Manual is a book as breathtaking as its subject. Teeming with high-quality color graphics, each custom designed page helps you accomplish specific tasks -- everything from Web browsing to watching videos. Written by New York Times columnist and Missing Manual series creator David Pogue, this book shows you how to get the most out of your new Apple iPhone.

Steve has an WTF folder on his Mac

Check out the desktop of Steve that featured on the latest wwdc and spot the WTF folder

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