Chiel Beelen

Chiel Beelen is de reden dat ik een iPod heb gekocht.

— Bert Boerland

iPod Nano

It's official, I'm going to become an I Sheep now! The other day I bought an iPod Nano at
kruitvat. It is an old model since the black nano's only come in 8GB and it isnt realy really cheap. But still, I wanted Francis to give something and if she doesnt like it or use it, I'll become a sheep myself :-)

Even the USB poweradapters for iPods are outselling the bloody MSFT "ipod killer" (yek) Zune over at amazon, eat that Bill! So it doesnt suck that much IMHO: "The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is probably the day they start making vacuum cleaners." :-)

If you happen to run into / call Francis, dont tell her yet, the nano is due in 2 days or so. And, having an iPod is the best way to get a Powerbook :-)

Now that would be a cool iPod Commercial

Now /this/ (look ma, no hands) would be a cool iPod commercial. It beats the lingerie one and the two apples one for sure!

If you like those to things (apple and cleavage that is), you can find both of them (and in combination) on Charly Browns page on Flickr. Might be considered NSFW

If Apple gets 90+% marketshare

Google domains

a list of Google's domains. Nice to see. Not for every TLD (like etc) but still a nice list.

Strange to see

Doesnt Google wants us to switch to Apple? :-)

Some typo domains

But what about:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View

Domain Name:


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