If Apple gets 90+% marketshare

Google domains

a list of Google's domains. Nice to see. Not for every TLD (like etc) but still a nice list.

Strange to see

Doesnt Google wants us to switch to Apple? :-)

Some typo domains

But what about:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View

Domain Name:


Getting closer

Winkel Haarlem

In het historische hart van de "gezelligste winkelstad van Nederland" Haarlem bevindt zich Apple Centre Grote Markt. Dit Apple Centre mag tot de grootste van Nederland worden gerekend. Naast alle Apple Macintosh computers en Apple iPod's, zijn er duizenden accessoires, programma's en randapparaten hiervoor verkrijgbaar. Er is mogelijkheid om 25 verschillende iPod-speakers te bewonderen en beluisteren.

Hmm, een Apple store in Haarlem, op deze manier komt het wel erg dicht bij...

Apple is shit

Apple is shit

So why do I want one...

I am still trying to convince my girlfriend that she needs one. But oooh no. she has a mind of her own.

What browsers do people use?

I recently posted some articles to, one of them making it to the frontpage. So I got a couple of hits on my site withh as a refferrer. With the excellent Google Analytics, I was easy able to see what browsers people use that came from So here my breakdown:

  • Firefox, 53,33 %
  • Firefox, 25,56%
  • Internet Explorer 6.0, 7,22%
  • Firefox, 6,67%

Yep, Digg is a nerd site! But Linux is still non existing on the desktop even within the digg community, 6 % apple users, 1% linux, the rest different flavours of Windows.

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