Using the Kinect as a security gesture 3D game device

An oldie, from DevCon20, Kinectasploit v2

Using a gesture based kinect interface to start two dozen security tools.

Source code at github:

"Complex, I know but that was the point ;-] to include many, many tools in a graphical, gesture-driven environment and have them
useful enough to hack into a system and retrieve a file from the windows VM's RECYCLE bin folders."

Smart trashcan

A geek that cant throw, a 3D printer, some code, some batteries, a kinect and a trashcan.. Make a great combination, watch this:

A great video with Kinect , ni-mate and blender

A great arty video using Kinect and raytracing

Kinect Project /// I Dieci from Alkanoids on Vimeo.

It is using the opensource Kinect drivers I have been using, ni-mate (a Kinect to 3d rending engine) and the engine blender.

More information including a "making of" onbehance.com

Kinect Dance with curtain

Too bad there is not much information online about how they build this... Cool technology though, lame dancing :-)

3D scan of my head and realtime tracking and rendering using a kinect

Scanned my head with kinect

I used the kinect to scan my head and made some real time tracking and rendering as can be seen in the videos below.

setting up Kinect:

3D scan of my head:

Tracking / rendering using my head:

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