XBOX 3D CAVE: Xbox Kinect

I like this work, using the xbox kinect to navigate in a 3d environment:

In this video Carl demonstrates how we are using the Xbox Kinect to navigate around the 3D CAVE at CASALA.

However, THIS is even cooler:

For our archeology department at the university of Groningen, we made this 3D stereo reconstruction of an excavation in Crustumerium, an Iron Age settlement in Italy (800-450 BC).

It is so cool to see that Universities and artist are using the cheap Kinect to make interaction between the Real and the Virtual world possible. BTW: Groningen FTW! :-)

NumHop, Kinect learning game

Nikos Poulios has been working for the Waag / VU Amsterdam on NumHop, a Kinect learning game.

See it in action:

NumHop - A multi-sensor interactive playful learning game from Nikos Poulios on Vimeo.

NumHop is a prototype game of physical interaction,developed around the concept of embodied learning.

Aim of the prototype is to study the potentials of modern motion capture and body sensors technologies in educational games, involving human body in the learning process, and assisting the development of basic social skills like self and others awareness.

The prototype was developed as part of my master thesis at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and my internship at Waag Society.

NumHop features the Microsoft Kinect, Neurosky Mindwave EEG sensor, and Zephyr HxM ECG sensor. It was developed using Unity, cinder, OpenNI and OSC

Eurocup 2012 Game with the Kinect

A bit late, but still good to see:

Because of the Euro Cup, Paradox D&D, in conjunction with BHB Group, has developed an application that exploits Kinect technology. This is a game that allows the user to become a goalkeeper whose objective is to stop as many balls as possible. Then, the player receives his deserved award. Euro Cup appears in his hands.

The system recognizes the user height and uses this information to adapt the dificulty of the game to the age of the player. Among other surprises, the application takes two photographies of the user. The first one while playing as the goalkeeper and the other when showing the Euro Cup. Such photographs may be downloaded from facebook at the end of the day.

More on pdxstudio.com

Kinect Finger Recognition For Games

I have been hacking my kinect recently to be able to mix reality and virtual words.

By distinguishing between an open palm and a closed fist, we are able to recognize a “grab” gesture that can be used to control games which involve a drag-and-drop mechanic. In this video, we describe the approach and show how it can be used in games, including drawing shapes and controlling the puzzler World of Goo, in which you drag-and-drop balls of goo to build a structure.

More on kinecthacks. Will this be like the leap (due feb 2013)?

Animating Using the Kinect Point Cloud as Reference Shuffle

As always, digging everything Kinect hacking related.

My research using the Point cloud generated by kinect as a reference to animating.

As you probably know, already exists some motion capture softwares using the kinect on windows, they are quite interesting once the capture is made without needing marks, and it can be exported to many compatible formats, like the BVH and the FBX.

Animating using the Point cloud generated by kinect as reference from Jomario Murta on Vimeo.

My research using the Point cloud generated by kinect as a reference to animating.

See behance.com

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