Nu wil jij er ook eentje

Ik wilde er al eentje. Maar nu wil jij er ook een:

Linux on iPod

This site provides details of my venture into porting Linux to the iPod.


Hard to clasify, good content. Most slashdotted site on the net :-)

PuTTy on a Nokia Mobile

While doing a regular checkup on Slashdot, I've came across a new product announcement concerning PuTTY being ported to Nokia Series 60. If you are not familiar with PuTTY, it is the best freely available SSH client for the Windows platform (it is also available for Unix).

Networking (debian)

Nothing new I might hope for a network wizzard. But if your IP knowlegde is rusty or want to learn about CIDR and the likes, check this site out

flashmob computing

What do you get when you mix flashmobbing, beowulf computing, grid style cpu power, a top 500 computer and San Fran?

Indeed, you get a //flashmobcomputing.org. A get-to-gether-plug-in-your-GNU/Linux-box to create together on a ad hoc basis a //top500 computer on earth, for a moment at least.

A Flash Mob supercomputer is hundreds or even thousands of computers
connected together via a LAN working together as a single supercomputer. A
Flash Mob computer, unlike an ordinary cluster, is temporary and organized
on-the-fly for the purpose of working on a single problem
Both technical and socially a very interesting experiment. Too bad one needs 100Mb access to the LAN, if WAN would be an option, i definitely would donate some cycles;I do believe in distributed computing/data.

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