froggy jumped all over the stage that day...

frogWhen I was young, I went every year to a local small fair in the village I was raised. Often I bought a sort of frog with a small ball attached to it. When pressing this airball, the frog would jump.

It looked like //this. However, this thing is a bit more high-tech.

At the bottom right corner of your "Windows" screen you can see Time Of Day (TOD) permanently displayed.

At a low cost you can complete this information about your environment with atmospheric pressure, hygrometry and temperature.

A double click on this new icon, a frog, and gives you access to
high accuracy meters. You can look through records without time limits
and display with coloured curves the weather trends.

retro spectrum

Owned a spectrum in the 80ies? I didnt but you (albert?) might get a peek-n-poke at //this.


Webservices, portals that kind of stuff


Cool stuff, a noise reducing headstick, //theboom.com. I know a couple of places where this might come in handy.

From the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to your cell phone theBoom noise cancelling headset gives you unparalleled clarity in calls in any noise level. theBoom noise cancelling headset attaches to cellular phones with ease, making your mobile phone even more versatile.

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