Straight from Q's HQ, the briefcase computer

A briefcase computer instead of a desktop computer. Straight from the headquaters of Q, top nerdism, the briefcase computer!

Mostly because I wanted one. And I like the challenge.


God can dance

Dancing is a sin! But dancing for God is a Good Thing. I hope this machine is still around when Brecht is 18 years of age. (fo the humor impaired, hoax alert)

Parents! Are you worried about your teenage son or daughter frequenting unwholesome arcades, associating with the dregs of their peer group, and spending all their allowance on games containing bloody murder, sex and profanity?

Well, worry no longer! Nu Ministries Ntertainment technology has licensed the popular Japanese fad of BeMani, or 'Musical Games', for the power of the Church!

copier phreaking

I do not visit copyshops anymore, but I am quite sure that during my phone phreaking student years, I would be interested to know that one can have fun with copiermachines as well... Not by copying your private parts, but by tweaking them (the machine parts, not your private ones!)

IBM = cool

In the blue corner oposite of redmond we have the company that invents, the company with stamina, the company that reinvents itself, the company that is kinda cool, the company with a vision. I have got three letters for you...

floppy raid

Why? Why not?
I had just set up my 2 firewire drives and thought, "Can I RAID USB Floppy DRIVES"? I happen to work for Y-E DATA which is one of the worlds largest manufacturers of USB Floppy Drives, so I have access to these things. I had just been going through a pile of returns testing the drives for failure. There are always a few that are fine though, so I got 5 of them for this very important scientific feat.
//usb raid floppy drives?

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