All commands, all operating systems

All possible commands on all (well, most, well Linux and others) possible Operating Systems. Excellent site; //allcommands.com.

Here are all //linux commands, the downsite being, there is no list of all *nix commands. By nature you can add them yourself, by downloading and compiling or by creating your own.

Nu wil jij er ook eentje

Ik wilde er al eentje. Maar nu wil jij er ook een:

Linux on iPod

This site provides details of my venture into porting Linux to the iPod.


Hard to clasify, good content. Most slashdotted site on the net :-)

PuTTy on a Nokia Mobile

While doing a regular checkup on Slashdot, I've came across a new product announcement concerning PuTTY being ported to Nokia Series 60. If you are not familiar with PuTTY, it is the best freely available SSH client for the Windows platform (it is also available for Unix).

Networking (debian)

Nothing new I might hope for a network wizzard. But if your IP knowlegde is rusty or want to learn about CIDR and the likes, check this site out

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