Managing Filesystems

Understanding how the BSD filesystem manages disk space is critical to successfully managing a BSD server or workstation. However, this topic is generally overlooked since it is rarely used outside of installation and upgrades. It is also a very simple topic and most people assume you understand how it all works.

fstab explained.

nature modding

=not my cup of tea. but hw modders will dig this kind of weirdness.

//thinkgeek at its best.

Plastic fish do appear in nature, don't they?

There's no way to hide the wow factor of this Lian-Li PC case without blindfolding everyone in the vicinity. Even the non-geeks who have seen this case in action have been compelled to stop and take a look- It's that cool.

The PC-6010 case has all the features you'd expect from Lian-Li, including solid construction, that sweet-looking brushed aluminum finish, as well as drive bays and a motherboard tray which are both removable for easy tinkering. You'll also find three 80mm cooling fans, and some nifty color-changing LEDs which glow through the ventilation holes on the front of the case.

Oh, yeah. And the aquarium kit.

Oops, my mobile-phonebook has been stolen!

Bluejacking continued... meet bluesnarfing and learn that your phonebook entries can be stolen (even) over your (disabled) BT connection!

More: Bluetooth phones at risk from 'snarfing'

data reports

links to reports from IDC, metagroup, gartner and the like (both technical and non technical related)

hp linux pdf's

pdf's van hp presentatie aangaande linux

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