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Grid computing

Grid computing vs P2P, corba and others...

Two major needs have dramatically increased the value of
the concept of grid computing in the last few years. A lean economy has
forced those with a limited IT budget to more fully utilize their
existing computing assets and to become more flexible to respond to
rapidly evolving markets by being able to intelligently allocate finite
resources to the appropriate business applications. In this first of a
series of articles, Matt Haynos provides a cursory analysis of the
similarities and differences between grid computing and such
distributed computing systems as P2P, CORBA, cluster computing, and DCE.

Gadget for newlyborn?

So when our child will be born around 2/june (knock on wood everything will be okay), will he/she get a //comfyland tool from my friends?

A //baby tux tshirt? Or a //big tux of 1 meter? Mhhh, I want (my child to have) a huge tux. :-)

Power to the people, X10 links

I really really want X10 in my house so I can heatup the living from the comfort of my bed (which is equiped with a laptop of course!) like //mikew has for a year or more in his loft.

This will probably be a dream for some time. But nevertheless, some X10 linkdumping so I can pick this up later. Say in a decade or two...

For those not knowing what //X10 is, it's protocol, a way of using the powergrid in your house as a network layer for giving signals to outlets. And since your PC is on the grid as well, one can use a browser to dimm the light or heatup the oven. Chriet, here I come.

All time Arcades

A showdown of //all arcade games (including hardware and console) from 1973 'till 2000. Nice to see from the screenshots how games developed from huge pixels to state of the art 3D stuff.

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