pda's and linux

The software solution takes a standard kernel, a very basic distribution, and a graphical user interface running directly on the framebuffer. The commercial version is called "Qtopia", and "OPIE", which was initially a fork from Qtopia, is the name given the more advanced, free software version. The hardware solutions rely on a StrongARM CPU and various added peripherals — MMC, keyboard, big or small screens, and so on.

single dual headed

dual headedlooks cool, using your second pc as a monitor only, to maximize your vision at maxivista.com. out for windows and apple on its way.

best mouspath

Pigeon-Guided Missile

good tv (bbc 2) evening. first we start of with //rough science. must see (and //kate is good to see too :-) )

then //crafty tricks of war. (//pdf) where 2 guys build weird weapons from ww I and ww II. excellent stuff. did you ever hear about the pigeon guided missle? (//sitenote) it's for //real!

This experimental device was developed during
World War II by behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner, who experimented
with harnessing pigeons' pecking movements to steer missiles. Skinner
divided this nose cone into three compartments, and proposed strapping
a pigeon in each one. As a bomb headed towards earth, each pigeon would
see the target on its screen. By pecking at the image, the birds would
activate a guidance system that would keep the bomb on the right path
until impact. Skinner's idea received initial support, but the U.S.
military finally dismissed it as impractical.

during the show they continuously blow up all kinds of stuff in a most spectacular way with the weirdest weapons ever (dead rats, rocket powered wheels etc)

and the third show? think about it. if you could choose to see a rerun of a program about cars, what would be the only show worth watching? even if it was dated 3 years ago? exactly! //topgear. no rerun, but a new serie.

i want my M(yth)TV

i always wonderd why the //tivo wasnt launched in europe (apart from the uk which is in fact part of the USoA and where the tivo has already been discontinued)

  • i *want* timeshifting tv,
  • i *want* to record on harddisk instead of forward/backward media,
  • i *want* xmltv newsfeeds integrated in my telly,
  • i *want* to schedule all tv programs on every possible channel x years in advance,
  • i *want*... i *want* my tivo MythTV!
the answer is... //MythTV! When i buy a new pc (next couple of month) i will use it for watching TV.

see the //features, the howto //install and some //themes. //ster and ap, eat your heart out!

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