speak dog?

barfif case you have a dog and want to "hear" what (s)he is saying, you could take a look at this //gadget.

  • Understand your dog's emotions with the Bow-Lingual voice
  • Translator

    Monitor your dog's emotions while you're away with the Home Alone function

  • Analyze you dog's body language with the Body Language Interpreter
  • Get useful training tips using the Ten Training Tips function
  • Track your dog's emotions over time with the bark history
  • Check your dog's health and vital signs with the Medical Reference function
as they say, bullshit talks, money walks. 94 pound (as in currency, not in weight of the dog) walking that is!

history internet

a rather good list (some 404's) of the internet history can be found //here. good stuff for newbees :-)

willy faster

from now on willy will (might) be faster. i have a basic adsl subscription from xs4all which is //upgraded from 768/128 Kbit/s (up/down) to 1024/320 Kbit/s. more than twice as fast for people how surf to willy?

what is the price of j2ee with a database?

the //performace of a java engine with a database on a sunfire might be hot, you pay the //price! note the linux is the number one!

ping c.64

old link, yet still funny. a working tcp/ip stack on a c=64; //the final ethernet.
The possibility of connecting the Commodore 64 to an Ethernet local area network has been a collective dream in the Commodore community for decades. A C64 Ethernet adapter would make it possible to connect the C64 directly to the Internet, making it possible to download software, transfer data to and from the C64, play network games over the Internet; the possibilities are endless.

With our TFE cartridge (The Final Ethernet cartridge) this is now possible.

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