walking talking dollwithin 5 years //robotwars will have a special section for "walking" robots. within 15 years there will be a league where walking robots play against each other (soccer, paintball, anything but chess). sony has its sumo wrestler doing the first steps, see //newscientist.

Humanoid robots capable of performing somersaults and complex martial
arts moves were demonstrated at Asia's largest electronics and
computing fair in Tokyo on Saturday.

and this beast can let the //dog out as well, i quess?

ac, eat your hart out

adam //curry (//geengemopperpakdechopper.) eat your hart out. there is a poormans chopper avail at //thegadgetcompany. i do really would like to get my hands on one, my b-day is comming up :-)

sucky keyboard at emptyv

empty v (aka mtv) is talking dirty with this //special keyboard. "your mam is smell nipple suck dad dude" whatever...

c=64 on a nokia

c=64Why on God's green earth would one possibly want a Commodore 64 home computer running on one's cellphone? Well, naturally, there's the thrill of seeing your old C64 humming away in the palm of your hand and the eyebrow-raising you're sure to see in friends and family.

see the emulator on //this nokia page.

i did have a c=64 back in 83 (?) and have a mobile. not a fancy one so i wont be able to play karate kit ii on my mobile. on the other hand, i can *call* with my mobile phone!

dont call it a comeback

i still remember my first days chatting on the viditel service of tante post (tap?). hanging around in obscure chatrooms with a stupid 80*24 16 colors terminal. whooo. the french are still there, according to //the bbc

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