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Jailbroken iPhone is disabled for millions of seconds, fixed

old iphone has to wait 6M seconds diue to stupid bug (iPhone is disabled)
I was one of the first iPhone users in the Netherlands due to a friend who imported one for me from the states. There was no appstore back in those day and to enable the phone in the Netherlands, one had to jailbrake it and remove the carrier limitation. I have been hacking iPhones ever since, sometimes getting in trouble by doing stupid stuff but always able to fix it. Always.

I haven't touched my old iPhone 1 for some years, I have a iPhone 4 now and the 1 model is really running on an outdated iOS that cant be upgraded anymore and feels slow. That is, it should have felt slow. But it didn't when I booted it this morning.

My daughter might want the iPhone, without SIM and Apple appstore credentials, she is nearly 8, just for the games and the camera. So I hooked the iPhone up to the power and when I came back, I saw the message that I had to wait for over 6 million seconds, decades!

After a bit of Googling I found the solution, without going through DFU, rejailbreak and restore. For this to work, you need:

  1. A jailbroken iPhone
  2. WiFi enabled on the iPhone and still hooked up to you local WiFi (I needed to put the old pass-phrase back on my WiFi encryption)
  3. the root password of the iPhone (my second guess was right :-)
  4. A computer

Then do the following. Boot your iPhone, go to a terminal of a unix box and find out what the IP address of the iPhone is by doing an
arp -a
and pick the iPhone out of it. Now do a
ssh root@ipaddress
and type your root password. The default one is "alphine". I changed it but remembered it. Now do
cd /private/var/mobile/Libary/Preferences
and remove or move the file.
I dont like rm for this so moved it with a

Now do a
cd /private/var/Keychains
and move the keychain-2.db file
mv keychain-2.db keychain-2.db.bak

Do a hard reset of your iPhone (home power) and when it reboots, it should have no lock and no "wait xyz minutes".

My daughter will be using the iPhone shortly :-)

old iphone working again
Solve jailbroken iPhone problem with iPhone is disabled message

Kinect Augmented Reality in TV shows

I use y kinect a lot for Augemented Reality and gesture based control on my mac. And do dig the fact that cheap hardware in combination with open drivers can lead to lots of new creative ways to use a computer or make for example music.

Recently I bumped into

We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic company with a multi skilled team of professionals.

Powered by years of experience in the software product development domain, we at divIT Systems have acquired extensive knowledge in a huge diversity of technologies.

We corroborate our excellence by providing high quality technological expertise to the utmost satisfaction of all clients. We serve you with the best to achieve your goals and to enable you to fulfil your business needs, letting you prosper beyond your expectations.

Be sure to checkout their facebook feed with lots of cool videos.

Stealing network connectivity via powerlines?

Using neighbours network

This IS weird. I have my own protected wifi network. My macs are connected to it. I have a DHCP server giving 10.0.1/24 to wifi hosts. I have a DSL line towards XS4ALL.

Today I installed an ethernet over power out of the box between a fixed IP macmini down and WiFi / DSL router upstairs. When I could not mount a disk from my WiFi network towards the fixed macmini, I started digging... And found out the above picture; I AM connected to MY wifi network, however, the DSL router somehow has default gateway towards a network of a neighbour that seems to be connected to Versatel!?!?

Yes, my fixed macs still use my own WiFiconnection. But my wifi macs while using my own network go via the mesh network of the powerlines via DHCP server of the neighbour towards to the internet via my neighbour.

If you thought that stealing bandwidth via WEP Wifi was cool in the late 90ies, this Ethernet of Power breaking will be even bigger.

But.. but.. Surley the protocol running Ethernet of Power is encrypted? Yes. But with a default key! Both my neighbour and I shopped the same box at the local shop with the same boxes with the default key installed. Making our power of ethenret devices / lines ONE network. Once I "resetted" the key manually on both my devices, I couldnt see my neighbour anymore and it were two networks again.

1) never trust anything
2) always change the defaults
3) You will hear about breakins like this in the near future. For example snffing all the traffic via the office next to a political party...

Will put "encryption" on the power network to prevent this... I hope

Naambellen met de NPO (puntenl)


Naambellen. Kent u die uitdrukking nog? Ik moets daar aan denken toen ik laatst hoorde dat onze -volgens de GeenStijlGanzenGeneratie- “staatsomroep” NPO uit “uw belastingpoet” de postduiven voerde door te kopen.
Naambellen. Het eenvoudiger maken van een telefoon nummer door deze van “een naam” te voorzien. Op telefoons staond vroeger -in Amerika al sinds een halve eeuw. Op oude dial toestellen stonden per cijfer al 3 letters. In Nederland met de introductie van mobiele telefoons waarmee ge-sms-ed kan worden kortere tijd populair geweest. Zo is het landelijk oveheidsnummer 077 4656767 volgens phonespell het handig te onthouden 07-pi-OK-or-or.

Nokia 3310

Naambellen. Een vorige werkgever introduceerde een dienst waarbij je middels je computer -begin 2000- kon inbellen naar een speciaal nummer om een VPN te slaan naar een beveiligde infrastuctuur. Inbellen middels een modem LCDbuis vriendjes. Dat deden sommigen toen nog. Het nummer dat je op je computer moest intypen was netnummer (wellicht 0800 of zo) IKBELIN. Lekker handig, voelt u hem? Moest je dus op je nokia telefoon gaan kijken om te weten welk telefoon nummer je moest bellen op je PC. De zelfde mensen die hier voor kozen gingen ook -geen grap- met polonaise door de gangen toen bleek dat ze voor een grote telco klant een soort “portal” (het was 2000) mochten bouwen en het domain dat ze wouden gebruiken nog “vrij” was; Ja met wh en dubbel pee... :-)

Locks in the Rideau Canal - Ottawa

Naambellen. Domainen die je moet spellen. Ik denk dat deze mensen nu bij de Nederlandse Publieke Omroep werken en denken dat een drieletterige domain moesten kopen. Dat hoeft in 2012 dus echt niet meer, content is water, google de sluis. Maak de eerste en de tweede zorgt dat klanten je vinden. 2012... Een ton voor een domein.

ARmedia player for Augmented Reality Sketchup integration on iOS

As many people know, I am a sucker for all things Augmented Reality. I use my kinect for that and do a lot of sketchup integration as well. See for example this video from 31 seconds and later

Soo good to see that the AR Player for sketchup has no been ported towards iOS
AR Player now for iphone

See this video as well

Download in the appstore

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