rss is tha bomb

Tjee, after most of us have been using RSS for more than 2 years now, it is becoming mainstream; //Y! is reporting about how RSS can, will and has replaced mail.

I dont use private email anymore since my blog. You want to reach me? You come to me.

Ohh, Willy has lots of RSS //newsfeeds imported and you can imports willys //feed as well.

down stanley!

Call it spam rage: A Silicon Valley computer programmer has been arrested for threatening to torture and kill employees of the company he blames for bombarding his computer with Web ads promising to enlarge his penis.

In one of the first prosecutions of its kind in the state that made "road rage" famous, Charles Booher, 44, was arrested on Thursday and released on bail for making repeated threats to staff of a Canadian company between May and July.

Booher threatened to send a "package full of Anthrax spores" to the company, to "disable" an employee with a bullet and torture him with a power drill and ice pick; and to hunt down and castrate the employees unless they removed him from their e-mail list, prosecutors said.



spama weird thing, being proud of spam. wearing it on your feet. not to sure if this gadget is a must have or a wont have. either way, spamming it here; //spamgift.

  • $12.00 for sizes M (9" long),
  • M/L (10" long) and L (11" long).
  • Navy and yellow with multiple SPAM brand on top.
  • Yellow &quot3SPAM We Love It!" motto on strap.
  • SPAM brand stamped out on bottom of sandal that leaves imprint behind.

basl, the colors are cool or what? :-)

The missing "FAIL_MAIL_OVER_500_MILES" M-Sexchange checkbox

A great story for those patching sendmail again (and again and again...repeat until postfix is installed :-))

This guy is a great sysadmin. A MSCE from the click-and-drool generation would spend the rest of his/her life trying to find the "Fail mail over 500miles" checkbox/wizzard/reg-entry thingie before reinstalling it again (and if it fails reinstalling again......)

Update...a new sendmail vulnerability...time to patch again :-(. Maybe we can save everybody some time and just include a ROOT_SHELL feature in sendmail 8.13..

telnet 25
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.13; Fri, 19 Sep 2003 23:37:22 -0700 (PDT)
H310 d34r s3ndm4i1 b0x, 4 31337 h4X0r h0r3
250 Hello 31337 h4X0r [666.666.666.666], pleased to meet you
250 Root shell started - please end the session with rm -rf /
#rm -rf /
221 2.0.0 b0x wi11 b3 wip3d
Connection closed by foreign host.

(c) disclaimer TM

my company nearly made the mistake of adding a disclaimer to outbound email. ofcource the disclaimer has to be verry long, in at least two languages and useless. what good is it to have disclaimer on mail saying "there are no rights" regarding the contents. what if i get a forged mail without this disclaimer? would i have rights based on the content in that case? and why add a (c) sign? everything a person makes, creates, writes is automatically copyrighted by him/her.

some companies just dont get it. take a look at this disclaimer featured in //the reg.

6731 words! and probably just added after the "me too" mailing from someone. have mercy!

take a look at this example:

Notice: Unless you are named "Arnold P. Fasnock", you may read only the "odd numbered words" (every other word beginning with the first) of the message above. If you have violated that, then you hereby owe the sender 10 GBP for each even numbered word you have read.

would you pay up to the sender? a more indepth regarding this example at //goldmark. the //list of stupid disclaimers is rather funny too as are the //parodies.

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