Ed W aka Mr-T big are not going to like it...

I don't have a lot of time but read this Analysis by the Salon of the rumblings of Ed Whitacre (AT&T CEO) about a multi-teared Internet where content suppliers would have to pay to use Ed's pipes to deliver the content to your home..

After the merger with Bell South and with Verison on T's side the "Ma Bell re-incarnate" will control a large portion of the access into American homes.. It is a clever play because they will be extract money from the consumer through the triple play set-top box nonsense and on the other side from the content producers

I am sure Ed already figured out that he doesn't need the networks (ABC/NBC etc) at all if he can control the internet access to the consumer--access to the scarce medium of tv-broadcasting was what gave the networks their power..

In effect they will create the walled garden without a need to put a lock on the door because it is only dirt-roads outthere...

Ed W comes across a friendly and open southerner with an Texan accent but unlike the other W he is a very clever and sly..

And I don't think this a US only threat...every European broadband Telco/cable company is watching this one with a lot of interest..finally a way to regain control over these pesky consumers who don't want to play their little triple play game...

As the guys from Internet2 point out there is not a lot of technical need for a QOS/CoS Internet. An architect from Cisco told me once that QoS/CoS is poor substitute for bandwidth; using bigger pipes was going to make the client a lot happier. But Cisco makes more money selling expensive routers and management platforms (and consultantcy). Besides Cisco is better in making clever kit than making fast kit..

(and yes the Salon ad is very with it..)


Akamai is the world leader when it comes down to global content distribution. You can see pictures of their NOC.

See Akamai's Network Operations Command Center

From Akamai's unique vantage point of over 18,000 servers in 69 countries, we can not only see and manage our customers' networks, but also observe overall Internet activity. This insight helps our customers monitor e-business solution effectiveness, simplify e-business infrastructure management, and unleash the competitive advantage of superior information flow.

Now I have seen multiple NOC's and worked in a view as well. Adnd I have a couple of questions: why isnt there a movie on the mainscreen like every NOC has? Where is the pizza? And most of all, at what screens do the operators play Doom?

silver needle in the skype

One of the best researches I have seen on Skype, the disadvantages and how to block it. Great Stuff and must read if you are into routing, security or VOIP in general.

skype needle.

I will not use NMAP

Yesterday I did a portscan on an environment with NMAP. They owner of the sites complained to my (excellent) ISP and they... disconnected my IP addresses. I could only access the inetrnet through a proxy server since they thought my system was infected with a Windows trojan.

The downtime of Willy today wasnt caused by my lack of sysadmin skills, my girlfriend desire to turn of the power to do some work on the house, but due to my ISP.

I will never use NMAP again. Bad NMAP! Bad!

My WiFi

I havent spend much time finishing my PVR. But I did replace an old 10Mb hub and 11Mb accesspoint with a new b/g linksys accesspoint. No problems there, couple of minutes. The Windows install disk sucked camels ass though. The problem was that I use inside where the default IP of the AP box was As I said, couple of minutes.

I wanted to change the old AP (Asus 802.11b) to a client so it's ethernet can wire my PVR box. That want as trivial and didnt work out, will take a look at it later. However, I have now a full 100Mb switched network at home (wheee1) instead of an old 10Mb half duplex. And the new AccessPoint has both G and B and I was surpissed to find that my new laptop did G as well. So my internal network is once again up to speed with my internet connection. I have 4 Mb down so my fixed and wireless ethernet were becomming the slowerparts of my internetwork connection.

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