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Robustness Principle voor Twitter, de paradox van de contekst

Femke Halsema is een redelijk goed twitteraar. Dus toen ze ok bezoek was in den vreemden schreef ze over de misstanden die daar waren in

Vervolgens twitetrde ze een deel twee en zie de reakties hierop (omgekeerd lezen)

Voor lezer is de les:
lees de context

Voor schrijver is de les,
wees bewust van het feit dat de lezer de contekst niet ziet.

Klinkt raar maar analoog aan
"Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send.", het Robustness Principle van mijn held Postel

Bert Boerland moet worden nagekeken volgens facebook

Bert Boerland moet worden nagekeken. Volgens Facebook.

Sommige vertalingen....

111111 on twitter

This video shows in waves how twitter users mentioned 11.11.11 (no Americans, it is not 11.11.11 but 11.11.11 :-)

A palindrome waving over twitter.

If you cant access Google Plus using Chrome

((c) Jeroen Bennink

If you can not access Google Plus, have multiple Google account (eg: hosted work,, hosted private etc) and are using the browser Chrome: you might experience an eror like:

This webpage is not available etc

If this is the case, try this trick. Open a new tab and type


This is a configuration screen for developer flags. Go to the last option on the page (should read something like "multiple accounts") and enable this. Now restart the browser and you should be able to connect to Plus with the other account you wanted to use.

What happens when you enable this "flag" is that eacht tab has its own Google Universe. Should be solved now. Happy plussing.

Timeline of my Linkedin data

I love data visualisation, check my delicious account.

And I am a big Linkedin user, check my LI account

And I love what LinkedIn is doing recently with their LI labs. Checkout for example this timeline of my linkedin data:

For some background, read the LI blog and make your own at

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