Bad Bad! send 100 spam comments in 2 minutes. Rightly marked as spam in my spambait, however still earting up resources. So I am sorry for Ukraine, but you just lost an IP address:
iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

Spam Primavera - serves 8

If you are using //Google Mail you probably noticed that they added webclips to the top of your mailbox. But did you notice the handy SPAM recipes on top of your spam box. Very handy to help you deal with the deluge of spam.. (for the gmail impaired you can find a picture at //Google BlogScope (and leave a comment if you want an gmail account very exclusive but I got a 2 for 1 special going because of being the holiday season and all ))

BTW it can't hurt to check the spam drain filter regularly because sometimes it takes a disliking for an particular person and all their mail goes down the drain...I don't want to get involved with the relational problems between said person and the googleplex..but since it is a good friend, somebody I vaguely know, complete stranger i don't know at all but insists on sending me email....please, please don't put my email in the spam filter.

I, for one, welcome the big Organiser of Information.

The author writes while this forwarding 11 years of email to a separate gmail account to create an offsite backup and easily searchable archive :-) Lets hope that they are not //evil

Funny Spam T Shirt

Buy this funny spam tshirt, Just in Time for Christmas at cafepress

Oh, those bells...

(Just a slightly Shameless Plug™ for the cool company I work for.)

Check out this funny holiday movie (SFW) of one of my colleages. And make sure you listen closely to what those guys are talking about.

Google Factory Tour

Take a tour of the Google Factory and learn something:

Also read Steve Gilmore's 60 days to learn even more..Where is Google going with Fusion...

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