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(update: since this posting gets lots of spam comments, -the irony- i closed comments for it)

Drupal's Cptcha

Drupal has a Captcha module in CVS. A what? A "completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart", hence a way to let seperate scripts and bots from you and me (that is, unless *you* are a googlebot :-) ). See wikipedia for more information. A screenshot is available on the cvs.drupal site as well.

Willy hasnt been hit yet by automated spamming scripts, but it's nice to see drupal growing up. So I will install it once 4.5 hits stable.

Google, the next OS for Web2.0

It's straightforward to spreadsheet out the economics of the service,
taking into account average storage per user, cost of the servers, and
monetization per user per year. Google apparently puts the operational
cost of storage at $2 per gigabyte. My napkin math comes up with
numbers in the same ballpark. I would assume the yearly monetized
value of a webmail user to be in the $1-10 range.

A very good blog entry about google, the business regarding free storage and the employees of google (including a brain surgeon and a rocket scientist!)
Rob Pike
has gone to Google. Yes, that Rob Pike -- the OS researcher,
the member of the original Unix team from Bell Labs. This guy
isn't just some labs hood ornament; he writes code, lots
of it. Big chunks of whole new operating systems like Plan 9.
Oooh, and apart from writing code, they write other stuff as well. OMG, once google beats (joins?) MSFT, it will be unstopable!

thunder mutt

I am using "email" since somewhere around 1990 when I had my first account at the //university. The last couple of years -since I switched from //casema to //xs4all and moved from Delft to Santpoort- I havent used privated e-mail. Note that my corporate mail has trippled in that time, people sending memos in powerpoint format and worddoc's with no more in it as "I agree"...

Every now and then I used webmail and I always did some //mutt stuff in between as well. Now I switched back, reclaiming my digital identity.

I installed //thunderbird and I am quite happy with it, much better than the Netscape mail I was used at for the last half decade. If you think about changing, checkout this //howto with screenshots.

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