3d scan of my room using the kinect

I love all the stuff one can do with the Microsoft Kinect. Take for example, this scan of my bay window

(looks like a snow bawl due to the white parts outside)

And without color:

The kinect can be used for much more then just scanning. Scanning one's girlfriend for example :-)

Minecraft or Drupal?

Mindstorm and Leapmotion, gesture based nerdom

I have mindstorms ("for the kids")

and I had a LeapMotion ("now owned by the kids") :-)

And now I do need some spare nerd time to combine those two ...

Aart is the Dark Knight (aka Batman)

aart doet batman

Aart is Batman.

Makey Makey makes a key present.

Via an old friend, the tip to browse to makeymakey.com, it turns any object into a key. And as you know, everything that combines the real world with the virtual world, can get my attention.

See this video:

And yes, it is an old kickstarter project.

For a real good overview of what the project can do, be sure to checkout djtechtools.com as well, only 40 dollars.

The kit that ships from Colorado-based SparkFun Electronics contains a MaKey MaKey circuit board, alligator clips and a mini-USB cable. Any object that is capable of conducting a minute amount of electricity can be used with the kit to send signals to the computer. One of the popular examples shows six bananas being connected up and used to play an online piano app.

The standard kit allows for up to six objects to be connected to the MaKey MaKey board. By default, inputs are limited to the four cursor keys along with space and the left mouse click. The board allows for extra objects to be connected to the back of the board (requiring additional connectors) and for those Arduino hackers out there, the entire unit can be configured to control whichever keyboard inputs are needed. It is also possible to run multiple MaKey MaKey boards on a single computer – all you need are spare USB ports.

More good videos on the product can be seen on topupmp3.

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