3D scan of my head and realtime tracking and rendering using a kinect

Scanned my head with kinect

I used the kinect to scan my head and made some real time tracking and rendering as can be seen in the videos below.

setting up Kinect:

3D scan of my head:

Tracking / rendering using my head:

Animated gif of the year: bert boerland

I have taken an photo via the everyday app .. everyday for the last year. And here is the result:

Bluetrack, a cool racetrack

As a kid, I always wanted to have a racetrack. With loopings. As a dad, I stil do. But since I know that this toy will be hot for a day or two, and will be in the box the rest of the year, I am not too keen on buying it. For me.. Or the kids.

Then I saw this awesome product. One is no longer bound on the tracks the maker of the toy designed, but you can let the cars go from the stairs, make loopings and have a great design; yuor design

Here is a video showing of some of the posibilities of the Bluetrack product:

It is not a cheap product, 35 pound for 5 meters at amazon, for that much money you can buy 10 meters motorized as well. But that will end up in a box for the rest of the year.

never miss a beat, be the beat (gestures based DJ)

Bert Boerland in 3d with the Kinect connected to my mac

One of the reasons I bought an XBOX and not a PS3 was the Kinect. "gestures are the new touch" and all that jazz. And it when comes to a cheap household device that can do wonders in Augmented Reality, the Kinect is -no pun intended- a Game Changer.

For example, coverflow is one of the first things one imagines when one talks about gestures, ever since iOS 3 or so it was on the wanted list. And windshield Augmented Reality is what everyone comes up with. Both are however not the best candidates. In the coming weeks, I'll give some examples of real use of the Kinect beyond those two.

My favourite and still working on it myself? Be a DJ, never miss a beat, be the beat. Take a look at this video:

I am still in the proces of getting all this to work on my Macs but will post before I am done some more Kinectar implementations.

Aart searches Brecht

Aart searches brecht :-)

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Third attemp with cinemagram tool and not staged, rather well I think.

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