Count the differences (bertboerland vs bertboerland)

4 januari 2012, bril 2


4 januari 2012, bril 1

Yes, I will buy a new pair soon.. (and most people like the first one better)

Google: my name is Bert Boerland

My name is.... Try to hear my out google. My name is... Not "soo cool". My name is... .... Never mind

Mapping twitter followers

"51% of my followers are from #Netherlands,17% from #UnitedStates & 9% from Amsterdam."

If you want to see my twitter followers on a map, this can be see at!bertboerland". Make your own at

As with all twitter integration tools, I try them out, dont let them auto tweet and revoke access once I have played with it. If you dont, they will see all your data and in the end, might post spam on your behalf. Not saying that this service will do, but general rule of thumb, dont allow access unless needed. You can revoke the rights at Do visit this page every now and then.

Bert Boerland moet worden nagekeken volgens facebook

Bert Boerland moet worden nagekeken. Volgens Facebook.

Sommige vertalingen....

Extend New York... all the way up to santpoort ;-)

I thought this was funny. Extend New York, at where the grid of NY is used all over the world and you can find where you are located. In my case, I am at NY 68,024 st / 10,749 ave (note the comma's :-). The gris itself dates way back, see the plan of 1811.

And we all know that it should be the other way around: New York traces its roots to its 1624 founding as a trading post by colonists of the Dutch Republic, and was named New Amsterdam in 1626, since the Dutch bought the land for 60 guilders.

Ahh well. I like it better the way it is now. Just so we dont have rich words like "moederneuker" on our language.

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