cms watci love the internet, take a word, put watch behind it followed by some TLD and you have // worth a visit. the piece about //"interface scalabilty" shows how immature most cms-es still are.

When it comes to web content management, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “scalability”? For most, especially those like me who are of the technical persuasion, it probably conjures up images of servers -- lots of servers -- along with bandwidth, rack space, and all those other critical components of building a reliable infrastructure.

This type of scalability is undeniably critical when implementing a web content management system and certainly a topic worthy of much discussion. However, this article is about a different kind of scalability – something I call “interface scalability”

willy has: added the cmswatch feed to the //newsfeed page

c= a500

defender//amiga download page with //100 games available.


do you have change

oooh, you want me to pay for my gnu/linux machine? sure i will pay to //sco, like the rest of us.

by ignoring SCO alltogether, this is the last post about SCO on willy. a small marginal company from a very uninteresting state soon to be vanished (the marginal company that is, not utah).

please //EFF sue the bastards for //trashing the GPL!


tu delftthe //chaos computer club is at it agian with a new camp this year. their much hyped //blinkenlight project is all over the web again. dont know why. i lived it delft when at the //university department //electrotechniek had an lustrum and //displayed a tetris game on the 90 meters hight electro building. so, delft was first.

when you have an open console now (cmd/command/term) do a telnet to [cntrl c]telnet[/contrl c].

//or in a descent browser


flungLONDON (Reuters) - British police charged two men with manslaughter Tuesday following the death of an Oxford University student who was flung from a giant catapult.

Bulgarian Konstadin Yankov, 19, died last November when the stunt near the West Country town of Bridgewater went wrong.

"He had been thrown by a replica medieval catapult and failed to reach the landing net," said a police spokeswoman.

Yankov was on an outing with the Oxford Stunt Factory, an unofficial club at Oxford University where he was studying biochemistry. He had been the sixth person that day to be launched from the "trebuchet" catapult.

Organizers said at the time Yankov had been properly weighed and that the machine had been correctly calibrated before he was fired in a 30-yard arc. They did not know what had gone wrong.


flunging is cool. used to watch things flung in my all time fav tv show "northern exposure", see //flung stuff. i watched the show even nazigesynchroniseerd when the dutch tv didnt broadcast the serie anymore: ausgerechnet alaska!

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