iPhone meets Drupal

You can not buy an iPhone in the Netherlands yet via the normal channels so you have to go abroad, jailbreak it and unlock it. So I dont have one (yet) but I have some friends who have one. The other day I was eating / drinking with one friend who had an iPhone with him and it sure was fun to see the reactions of people around you :-). The other reason I do not own an iPhone is that I already have two iPod's and a HSDPA / 3G+ enabled PDA and 3G mobile phone. And with the 90% cover of UMTS reach in the Netherlands, there is no Edge, so I'll rather wait for a 3G enabled iPhone.

But when I get an iPhone, I will surely iGarland it. And if you are in to Drupal, download it. Blue is the new black after all!

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He he!!

Well done! He he


I've been playing around with an iPhone I got off eBay a while ago, and although I can't use it as a phone yet, I have installed iGarland, and think it's amazing. Thanks for the note!

Waiting for Android

Well, the iPhone is call and all, but it is a walled garden.

I am anticipating that the more open Google Android would be a bonanza for mobile apps that interact with Drupal in more ways, whether it is XML-RPC, SOAP or many other ways.

It will be interesting ...