Layar, Drupal and Geo tagging

Some time ago I saw Layar, a Dutch product from SPRX Mobile; a mobile uugmented reality browser. It basically is an application for a phone with a GPS, camera and compass where you can add a layer of information on top of your real world view; the camera. Right now it is out for the Android platform and soon it will hit the iPhones' appstore (3GS). By combing digital information on top of your real world view you can see geotagged information, for example prices of houses in front of you, ATM's or friends at a festival as is demo-ed in this youtube movie.

The possibilities of combining geo tagged information in combination with your real world view might not be new, but this application sure makes the most of the combination by using the GPS, compass and camera.

So I started wondering, apart from the application on the phone, this could potentially be rather easy in Drupal. You could expose your database / content via a webservice to the phone that displays them. All you need is Drupal core and CCK to add a longitude and latitude information in a content type and maybe use the services module. It is rather easy to do and I would love to work on something like this for a customer.

Oooh. And you need lots of information. Lots of local information since content seems to be king for this kind of functionality. But it sure would be nice for a DrupalCon to find your friends, get information about what is the current and next track in a room by pointing at it or get more information about the sponsors booth. The possibilities are endless, also outside DrupalCon's. This since DrupalCons should probably be held outside due to the lack of GPS reach inside :-)

But then again, if all rooms and people were tagged with the mobile codes the problem would be solved :-) And even the first gen iPhone can read them. Something to keep in mind for the next con... But first: vive la France!