How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Tuberaider Video: How To Download And Save Youtube Videos

Luckily the fine people here put together a little script that lets you save youtube files on your computer.
Basically, use a better browser, install greasemonkey, install a script. And there you go, a nice "download this flash movie" link in your browser! You do know that the browser is the hub! Might be handy for you, I have to give a presentation for a customer in a couple of days and wanted a movie to be in the presentation, so this saves me time.

UPDATE: see lots of tools on mashable

Ilse Media didnt choose Drupal

Some time ago Paul Molenaar, CEO of the Dutch Ilse Media, blogged about changes happening to their web-log service ( The code used for the functionality was self written and didnt scale they way they wanted and didnt have the features they woul like to offer their users. So they made a shortlist of CMS-es that could replace their current platform, Sixapart or Drupal (dutch link). The drupal community quickly reacted and Ilse spoke to several people about the pro's and con's of using Drupal for their service, including Dries and me. We all knew they were not going for Drupal in the end, it's their choise and I am fine with that. If Drupal didnt fit their needs, they should not use Drupal. Today the "scoop" was on, however this has a smelly salespitch,

"De keuze voor SixApart betekent dat ilse media beschikt over een wereldwijd geaccepteerd platform voor weblogs dat schaalbaar (wereldwijd ruim 11 miljoen blogs) en up-to-date (spamfilters, nieuwe functionaliteiten, etc) is."

(translation, The choise for SixApart means that ilse media has a worlwide accepted platform for weblogs that scales (worldwide more than 11 m blogs) and that is uptodate (spamfilters, new functionality etc).

I mean, Visa is worldwide accepted, but sixapart? And when it comes down to worldominance, Drupal Rocks! :-)

Either way, best wished for Ilse Media. I hope it was the right choise. Too bad for the Drupal community, I would love to see a major Dutch media company getting aboard on Drupal.

Brecht Videocast, mobiele wegwerp telefoon

Na de podcast van Brecht, nu een hippe videocast / vlog. Ik heb een groot aantal mobiele telefoons thuis; een oude nokia, een Windows PDA, een blackberry, een nieuwe nokia en een DECT.

Niet zo verwonderlijk dus dat de spiegel van jezelf (namelijk mijn dochter) tegen allerlei aparaten gaat praten en een imaginair telefoongesprek voert.

"Jaaah? hallloooo? ... Okay. Tag!"
Het begon met rekenmachines, maar nu praat ze tegen alles wat tegen haar oor aangehouden kan worden. Brecht heeft dan ook het ultieme device uitgevonden, weggooi handschoenen waarmee je kan bellen. Not available in any shop!

NB: HUGE 31MB file download!

Primary links in Drupal 4.7 video

The third video in a row at lullabot shows how to use the menu system in the upcomming Drupal 4.7, Drupal 4.7: Primary Links and the Menu System.

Want to create a site navigation system that's easy to build and easy to maintain? Welcome to menu module, that home of auto breadcrumb generation, hierarchal menus and more! Other topics include path aliasing and primary links.

It might look a bit complicated to undrupalized people, but is thee video is a good Howto and it is a very powerfull way of making menu's.

PVR, the drug of a generation

In this book I'll describe and document my expierences with building a [googledef:PVR|PVR], a Personal Video Recorder. A PVR is something like a harddisk meeting your videorecorder combined with TV. This gives you great new opertunities, such as

  • Timeshifting (pause, fast-forward and rewind live Television)
  • Record more than one program at a time or watch TV and record another channel
  • Download program scheduling times ("TV Guides") and program what you want to record
  • And much ... much more

There are several hard and software component and solutions for this. If you want no hussle and dont mind about proprietary software and standards, money and vendor locking, buy yourself a mediacentre from Microsoft. It fits your needs.

If you do care about how to watch what, want an open infrastructure that is future proof and you have some spare time (lots of it!) and can manage a Linux box, pick MythTV. It is an OpenSource PVR with a very active community, an open infrastructure and lots of features.

For example, watching TV ("frontend") and recording TV "backend" can be seperated on different machines and you can even have multiple frontends and backends. It also comes packed with additional features like:

  • MythGallery, a picture-viewing application
  • MythVideo, a media-viewer for content not created within MythTV
  • MythDVD, a DVD viewer / ripper
  • MythMusic, a music playing / ripping application which supports MP3 and FLAC
  • MythGame, play "old" console games on your TV in an emulator
  • MythWeather, display weather conditions in your region
  • MythNews, a RSS news grabber
  • MythBrowser, a web browser
  • MythWeb, which allows you to control your MythTV system using a web browser.
  • MythPhone, phone and videophone using SIP.

In this book, I'll descibe my adventures building my PVR. You might help me or might learn from me. Share what you know, learn what you dont.

Note that not all my PVR related postings will end up here, but all of the PVR related blog entries can be found with the taxonomy term PVR.

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