Broken Window, Apple knows marketing

Apple knows how to market their stuff. They really do...

PcM multi channel | PCM neemt radiostations over

PCM gaat de radiostations Arrow Classic Rock en Arrow Jazz FM overnemen. Het concern, onder meer uitgever van de Volkskrant, Trouw en NRC Handelsblad, heeft een principeovereenkomst bereikt met de huidige eigenaren van de radiostations Ad Ossendrijver en Willem van Kooten.

Geweldig nieuws voor PcM die een breder nieuw publiek aanboord maar ook crossmedia kan acteren. Streaming audio anyone? :-)

NB: mijn bedrijfsonderdeel doet het beheer van de title sites van PcM zoals en

Streaming is so 90ies

Stop talking about streaming, start using Dijjer, Dijjer is free P2P software that dramatically reduces the bandwidth needed to host large files. See also this slashdot posting with comments.

Atomic Bomb video (song by Fatboy Slim)

Truly amazing, this video exposes the government's obsession with spending huge amounts of money on technology made to kill and destroy. Rar footage of atomic boms explosions. Song by Fatboy Slim.

DrupalCON Amsterdam 2005 Video

Ahum, this is not a "me" plug, but there is a very nice video online from the opening night of the DrupalCON in Amsterdam at

Drupal Conference Amsterdam 2005 Opening Video
Check out my DrupalCon AMS 2005 Opening video (18MB MPEG4 file) over on Now Public. My thanks again to Ber, Bert, and Dries for organizing it and for the Drupalers who participated! I love events like these!
Thanks for thanks, and more, thank you for making Drupal and keep on rocking. Google bomb anyone? Drupal Rocks!

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