On the importance of kerning, de gilfactor


See for example these "10 flickering lights". Or do you read something else?

Or this "megaflicks"?

Yes, "kerning" is important!

Kerning is the process of adjusting the spacing between characters in a proportional font, usually to achieve a visually pleasing result.

Just saw a great example n Dutch TV. There is a program called "de gil factor", the scream factor. But with the wrong kerning, it read "The Gilf actor".

And that from the deepest christian broadcaster EO

Tilt / Time Shifted Video of Kids playing Minecraft

My kids just love minecraft.

Dexter 3D logo in Sketchup

Because I like Dexter (own wiki site), because I like Sketchup, a quick sketch of the logo (drawn, not vectorised!) in 3D.

Available as source in the warehouse.

Labyrinth van Peter Jan Rens, de eerste Augmented Reality game op TV

Afgelopen Donderdag was ik bij Beeld en Geluid met een van de mooiste panden in Nederland. In de centrale ruimte hadden ze een aantal oude TV spellen in het echt getoond waar je mee mag spelen. De Pisa toren van de Honneymoon quiz, zenuwspiraal uit de 100.000 Gulden Show maar ook een oud spelletje "Labyrinth", door Peter Jans Rens destijds gepresenteerd.

Laybrith was een spelshow waarbij aan het einde een speler op een grote blauwe ruimte van boven gefilmd werd en het beeld geplaatst werd op TV over een laburith. Een speler moest dan de ander de aanwijzingen geven om zonder de randen te raken in het centrum te komen.

"Lopen, Lopen, Lopen, Lopen... STOP!"

Zie hier een filmpje uit die tijd:

(zie ook de biografie site van de vara)

Overigens zie ik nu voor het eerst dat mijn geliefde Amiga 500 -mijn tweede computer- werd gebruikt als computer om dit geheel aan te sturen. Voor meer informatie, zie het zomerprogramma van Beeld en Geluid.

De spelshow liep van 86 tot 1993. En nu ik er over nadenk, dit is waarschijnlijk een van de oudste Augmented Reality games die ik ken. Ver voor Layer en anderen was de Vara al hip.. met laarzen aan. Dat dan wel weer.

Prediction, scandal to come: Internet TV's send all data to the mothership

With "scandals" like the apple (and lesser know: google) locationgate, one can wait for the next scandal coming to a theatre near you; your living room!

Google, Apple and others have been in the IT business for long, they understand End User Licenses, the fine line between behavioral marketing and privacy. Not that I trust Apple, Google or any other big enterprise that they will behave. But companies like these (but alse newcomers like dropbox) have at some time had the experience of a backfire. Where the outrage over what they collect and how they analyse my data or usage has really put the marketeers in the back of the room and the techies back to the front-row. If the risc of potential imago damages are bigger then the benefit of selling or using the data, companies tend to avoid the risc.

However, television makers know nothing about security, IT and privacy. Televisions used to be a dumb tube that receives broacasted material over the air or cable with no information being send back and due to this the lack of information about the usage, created an own industry by itself. Now all this has changed, I have an "Internet TV" that recieves a digital EPG, can be updated over the air by the vendor, sees if I am in the room and I can even tweet from my television!

I am sure, really really sure, that within one year we will see a scandal about this. Because the marketing guys at BigTVVendor Inc. thought it was handy to send back what channels were watched, by how many people, what Youtube movie was looked at, for how long and what commercial breaks were skipped by flipping channels. I have sniffed the packets yet (will fire up wireshark real soon :-) but trust me, i this data isnt already being send back to the mothership, it will be. Because marketing people will always be in the front rows of the class and have no sense about privacy.

Hint: I can not remember that I ever agreed to a Terms and Conditions on my TV and never saw hence accepted a new Terms and Conditions when I upgraded to a later version...

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