More business cards

I just found out that some business cards were missing on my bookpage in the "about me" section. I added 3 more and am sure, more to come.

[image:7884 size=preview]
[image:7885 size=preview]
And after the takeover from PinkRoccade by Getronics

For a longer period there have been some rumours about KPN buying Getronics-PinkRoccade. Today one of these rumours created a positive effect on the a stock quote. While I dont have any more knowledge then the average journalist about this potential buy deal, I can read indices fine and it wouldnt surprise me if within a 2 month timeframe this deal was a done deal. Kind of weird. I worked for Pink Elephant. For Unisource For KPN. For PinkRoccade. And for Getronics. And if Getronics would be bought by KNP, I would have a 5 Pension "breaks" and only one employer...

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