Drupal Google Maps Module

[gmap |id=reis |latlong=4.59228515625, 52.247142186599454 |zoom=9 |width=300 |height=300 |align=Right |control=Large |type=Hybrid |points=4.4693756103515625,52.05924589011585 + 4.4693756103515625,52.05924589011585 + 4.5977783203125,52.435920583590125 |line2=4.596405029296875,52.43340883827937 + 4.607391357421875,52.42754754247369 + 4.637603759765625,52.41247205962487 + 4.6856689453125,52.3915253372322 + 4.70489501953125,52.348763181988076 + 4.706268310546875,52.310157879390964 + 4.69940185546875,52.27740090167395 + 4.6307373046875,52.24209705988649 + 4.57305908203125,52.209289752349186 + 4.505767822265625,52.16803594836457 + 4.4329833984375,52.10819209746323 + 4.382171630859375,52.08288179572668 + 4.36431884765625,52.06600028274635 + 4.4110107421875,52.06431178034956 + 4.4659423828125,52.06431178034956]
I activated the Google Map's module on willy, downloadable from drupal. What you see above is where I life (Santpoort) and where I work (zoetermeer) and the road I travel (nearly) everyday.

Drupal and Google, a perfect match!

(I can seem to get the hybrid / sattelite view to work, will look at it.)

UPDATE: within one day after filing a bug report, the problem was solved. Thanks!

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Google Maps & Clean URLs

I read somewhere that you can't use the Google Maps module with Clean URLs. Is this true? Has it been fixed yet?

cheers, Jake

no prop

that i am aware of (this site uses clean url and googlemaps module)

groets, bert boerland

How to do the line

How does drupal handle the line between locations?