Tour De Drupal, come to DrupalCon Amsterdam by bike

When the three orange Dutch guys presented DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 in Prague, they had a slide (#36) were they joked about that one should come to Amsterdam, The Netherlands by bike.

Two friends were funny enough to take this from "a joke" to "a practial joke". Rachel and Stefan created "Tour de Drupal", a community movement to get as many Drupalista as possible to visit DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014 in 330 days by bike!

If you come to this DrupalCon, there is no excuse, you have to come by bike and put yourself on the map. While you are at it, follow our friends on @TourDeDrupal as well. Even I come by bike, and so should you Dries!

There is bound to be more funny stuff coming from the community in Amsterdam, I hope to be involved in some of this and will post it here as well. There is for example talk of an Eurosongfestival with Drupal songs and a revival of the Kitten Killers so bring your guitar as well.

So in the closing ceremony we now have lists of the amount Megabits used, liters coffee drunken and number of flat tires… :-)

No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born.

No-one knows how the police officers find their way back to the exact stadium in which they were born. Yet every year, thousands make this epic journey - battling their way up one-way streets, and through congested city centres - to the very same sporting venue in which they began their lives. They end their journeys exhausted, barely able to complete the final act for which this epic journey was made. It was here that they were born; it is here that they will spawn the next generation of law-enforcers; and it is here that they will end their lives - in the terraces of their ancestral arena, after one of the greatest migrations of the natural world.

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Want accessability geldt enkel voor websites (niet voor brochures, brievenbussen of HTML mail)

maar als het om mail of offline uitingen gaat, kijkt niemand naar accesability

Ik ben voor een open web. Voor toeganglijke websites. En oprecht van mening dat zeker elke overheids site daaraan moet voldoen. Maar als het om offline zaken als brochures gaat, dan kijkt niemand naar kleurstelling. Leesbaarheid. Of dat blinden ook de brochre teksten kunnen verkrijgen. Want dat is geen doel, daar zijn geen badges voor.

Of bijvoorbeeld mail. Hier een voorbeeld van gemeente Amsterdam, maar geldt voor *elke* nieuwsbrief. Mailclients zijn namelijk niet gemaakt om HTML mail te lezen. Je kan natuurlijk gewoon plain text mail versturen. Zonder plaatje tracker die ziet wanneer ik welke mail waar en hoe laat open. Maar dat wil je niet.

  1. Vele accesability mannen (m/v) gaan enkel voor websites, of een brochure van een gemeente leesbaar is voor kleurenblinden, de tekst beschikbaar voor blinden, de brievenbus benaderbaar is vanaf de rolstoel, daar zijn geen badges voor en dus niet van belang
  2. HTML mail is ondergeschoven. Niemand kijkt naar afschuwlijke HTML laat staan dat de default leesbare plain/text zou zijn
  3. Plaatjes uit de mail gven zijn allemaal voorzien van tracking cookies. Hoe laat ik mijn mai open, wel of niet de nieuwsbrief lees, mijn browsersie... en alles zonder opt in of uit. "Cookie wet" anyone?

... stilte....

Spam wil eat itself, spammer requesting spam comments to be deleted

The site you are watching is rather old. The first posting is from 2002 and that is only because I deleted the database, the first posts were from around 2000.

So I have seen lots of spam attacks on my site, up to the point that I deleted the posisbility to add comments. I know about captchas and bayesian fingerprinting services like mollom, but this is my site with my rules. You want to expres your opinions, hike to facebook, twitter or start your own blog. My site, my rules.

However, back in 2006 I had comments on and there was a posting with some rather lame comments ("yes, I agree, Drupal is great"). Never gave it much thought. However, there was also a link in the users name. ... Indeed spam links. :-(

Now read this mail I got the other day:

Funny right? They have been spamming the internet for ages and now they found out that the postings they have paid for to be placed on sites like mine, are contra productive for their Google ranking and now they wanted to delete the posts!

Here is my answer, lets see what will be happening :-)

(ps I deleted the spams all the same :-)