Kinect transcreens

I love the use of the kinect with this transcreen

Dueling Kinects

Two Kinects running at the same time. Each depthmap is compared and the closer value is kept. Allows for the creation of mutant hybrids, arms coming out of stomachs, etc.

Dueling Kinects from flight404 on Vimeo.

The open source tools making this, are available at Cinder Kinect and libcinder.

More Kinect Illusion (Max/MSP & Quartz Composer)

Dated but still cool. Using a Kinect in a very creative way:

More Kinect Illusion (Max/MSP & Quartz Composer)
Performer controls sound in Max/MSP & video in Quartz Composer using Kinect via OSC

A nice Kinect dance video (with code!)

A rather nice video showing of the capabilities of code, dancers and the kinect:

CAN Kinect Physics Tutorial from Amnon Owed on Vimeo.

See the code at and

Humanoid Teleoperation - Kinect Hacks

I dont think I want to be in an hospital with Humanoids yet. But the future is coming.

Take this robots being remote operated by a human via a kinect: