On why Acquia is a good name.

So everybody and his uncle Bob know that Dries Buytaert and Jay Batson will start a new company called Acquia based upon services around the Drupal CMS. Dries tries too hard IMHO to make clear that this will not influence the development of Drupal in any way. Too hard since everybody who knows Drupal or Dries know that this can not and will not take place.

It can not because no matter how big Dries is (and I think he is one of the smartest persons I ever met) the Drupal project has grown bigger then Dries is. And this is probably the biggest compliment Dries can get; he is so smart he can become bigger then his own shadow.

And it will not happen, Dries has proven over the last 7 years to be very trustworthy and has always chosen for the community all his life; in fact he made the community.

Getting back to their new startup, Acquia. I think it is a very good name and shows that you don’t have to pay zillion of dollars (or thousands of Euros) to come up with a very good name. They did not choose for using Drupal.com (owned by Dries) or another DrupalsShop.TLD name (legal since Dries owns the trademark) but got more creative. Using Aqua (water) in the name shows they are aligned with the Drupal (drop) community. "Don't describe—distinguish". More then that, they cleverly (or unintentional) have a couple of smart things in their name.

  1. The Q in Acquia: associated with quality. Compaq (compatibility and quality) spend a lot of money of coming up with this "Q".
  2. The UI in Acquia, standing for User Interface. The lack of a good UI in Drupal is one of the things that has been holding back the wide deployment of Drupal in the corporate world. Dries has been working on improving the UI ever since the first release and while there has been much improvement, there is still room for more.
  3. The IA in Acquia, standing for Information Architecture. Drupal has always had a very good data model and has always dropped the legacy if the data model could be improved.

By having Drupal alignment in the name, quality, user interface and information architecture, Acquia shows what it is, even if it was unintentional. Best of luck to Dries and Jay, with a name like Acquia I am sure you will be heading for success. That and the fact that some smart people work there as well.

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I'd be very interested to

I'd be very interested to hear if Dries, Jay or their marketing folk thought about the UI, IA or Q in their name! :)

Dries has been working on improving the UI ever since the first release and while there has been much improvement, there is still room for more

And on that note, http://www.civicactions.com/blog/drupal_mentor_needed_for_season_of_usability_program me

nope they didnt

see http://acquia.com/press
Thanks, Bert. We wish we’d have thought of that… ;-)

groets, bert boerland