PVR at "80%"

My MythTV install went very well, I'll update the handbook later to reflect my progress, but sofar, I am at "80%" of where I want to be.

Linux is installed (took most of the time, I am afraid that I have some bad ram!, will investigate later), MySQL is installed, MythTV is installed, new videodrivers work, sounds works, Haupauge cards are working, I can cat /dev/video0 and 1, MySQl is running, importing of whats on telly is working. And then I fired up the MythTV frontend. It works!

I can watch a channel (testchannel, I cant zap channels yet), I can record it, skip time, hear sound, import weather feed, import RSS feeds and it's working great. Despite the fact that the videocard only does 800x600, the application looks great. Stuff I have to do;

  • check to see if I have bad RAM
  • Get RC working
  • Make sure it all runs in a non root environment
  • Make sure the OS gets and stays secure, harden Fedora
  • configure MythTV... and there is a lot to configure...

Sofar, apart from installing, it took me 4 hours, far less than I planed. But you know the 80/20 rule :-)

BTW: for anyone installing MythTV, choose Fedora Core and read this, it is not dummy proof yet but a very good howto.