Kinect sends video to watch.


As you might know, I am hacking my Kinect for fun and profit. So far lost of fun, no profit. :-) But still.

This hack looks rather cool, use your Kinect to send a picture to your android Watch...

This projects streams the image and depth data from a Microsoft Kinect to a Wimm Watch. When motion is detected, the watch vibrates to notify there is something to see, and if the Kinect detects a face it zooms in on that face, so you can see who it is. By tapping the watch face, an alarm can be triggered to scare the intruder away. It's super cool!

Jailbroken iPhone is disabled for millions of seconds, fixed

old iphone has to wait 6M seconds diue to stupid bug (iPhone is disabled)
I was one of the first iPhone users in the Netherlands due to a friend who imported one for me from the states. There was no appstore back in those day and to enable the phone in the Netherlands, one had to jailbrake it and remove the carrier limitation. I have been hacking iPhones ever since, sometimes getting in trouble by doing stupid stuff but always able to fix it. Always.

I haven't touched my old iPhone 1 for some years, I have a iPhone 4 now and the 1 model is really running on an outdated iOS that cant be upgraded anymore and feels slow. That is, it should have felt slow. But it didn't when I booted it this morning.

My daughter might want the iPhone, without SIM and Apple appstore credentials, she is nearly 8, just for the games and the camera. So I hooked the iPhone up to the power and when I came back, I saw the message that I had to wait for over 6 million seconds, decades!

After a bit of Googling I found the solution, without going through DFU, rejailbreak and restore. For this to work, you need:

  1. A jailbroken iPhone
  2. WiFi enabled on the iPhone and still hooked up to you local WiFi (I needed to put the old pass-phrase back on my WiFi encryption)
  3. the root password of the iPhone (my second guess was right :-)
  4. A computer

Then do the following. Boot your iPhone, go to a terminal of a unix box and find out what the IP address of the iPhone is by doing an
arp -a
and pick the iPhone out of it. Now do a
ssh root@ipaddress
and type your root password. The default one is "alphine". I changed it but remembered it. Now do
cd /private/var/mobile/Libary/Preferences
and remove or move the file.
I dont like rm for this so moved it with a

Now do a
cd /private/var/Keychains
and move the keychain-2.db file
mv keychain-2.db keychain-2.db.bak

Do a hard reset of your iPhone (home power) and when it reboots, it should have no lock and no "wait xyz minutes".

My daughter will be using the iPhone shortly :-)

old iphone working again
Solve jailbroken iPhone problem with iPhone is disabled message

Frontend United, Call for speakers

Drupal Frontend United Conference EU
As Morten announced some time ago, there will be a Frontend Conference in April in Amsterdam targetting all (EU) Drupal themers. Apart from Morten, it is organised by Isabell Schulz, Jesper WĂžldiche, Marek Sotak and me.

It will be held at Pakhuis de Zwijger, a rather nice old warehouse in the center of Amsterdam. More information on the conference can be found on

One of the speakers will be Jeroen Wijering. Who you ask? Well, what Dries is for Drupal, Jeroen is for video on the web. See this whois JW video on Youtube. JW knows all about HTML5, mobile, video and even what browser minor version has what bug and how to get past this. His knowledge matches our themes perfectly:

  • Drupal on every device
  • Frontend performance
  • The Drupal experience
  • Getting visual with data

You know you have some expertise in one or more of these field as well. And if this is the case, please do submit a session. The conference is all about people like you ;-) Even if you don't think you can add anything, please to take something. Like a ticket, hopefully the "community support" one to get extra Awesomeness. Buy your fresh ticket with a couple of clicks. Oooh, and do stalk your employer that (s)he should sponsor the conference, see for yourself what the advantages are.

We hope to see you in April in Amsterdam. It will rock!

Control your raytraced characters with your kinect

NI (Natural Interaction) mate is a small but powerful software that takes real-time motion capture data from a Kinect or other supported device and turns it into two industry standard protocols: OSC (Open Sound Control) and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). Available for both Windows and Mac OSX, NI mate offers users easy installation and a powerful, yet user-friendly configuration interface. Keeping to standard protocols for output makes NI mate an extremely flexible piece of software that can be applied in a vast number of scenarios.
Download free add-ons and templates for a number of 3D and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software and instantly transform your Kinect into a powerful performance interface. If your favorite software is not yet supported, just make a request for it. Share your configurations, use cases and add-ons with others on the NI mate user forums (to be introduced in February 2012).

From the what is ni-mate page. Mostly: cool. Control your raytraced characters via for example Blender with your kinect from your mac or PC.

First Kinect 3d Mac OSX Experiment

One -if not the only one- of the reasons I bought an XBOX instead of PS3... The Kinect. The coolest piece of hardware from the last decennium.

More information about the possibilities soon.

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