Yet Another Drupal Job


Yet Another Drupal Job, look at Looking for a Drupal consultant (or possibly hire on

Pando Networks ( is running an extremely high volume service making extensive use of Drupal, and is looking for a skilled Drupal engineer who can help us extend and tune the Drupal system to scale to millions of active users with a wide range of community oriented functionality. We would like to start with a consulting relationship, but the position could grow into a full-time position. Location in New York is preferred, but not required.

With the demand side of the drupal market keeping to grow extreme, there is a real -and I do mean a real- shortage of Drupal coders out there. So if you know PHP, care about OpenSource and want to make a living of it, consider diving in to Drupal!

YADJ, Yet Another Drupal Job

Permanent Job: Drupal Developer, London, £30k+

My company is looking for an experienced web developer familiar with Drupal to join the company on a permanent basis in South East London, England starting immediately. Pay depends on experience, ranging fom £25,000 up to £35,000 for an exceptional candidate.
With more and more companies loking for Drupal coders, the demand side is way bigger then the supply side. It shows however that Drupal is gaining ground! Not too bad.

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