Yet Another Drupal Mentioning

Oscon 2006 Europe, day 2

Day two in Brussel. Had some drinks yesterday and went to bed at 12, I missed the buzz of the clock so I got up at 9:00AM and was just at time to miss the opening keynote but join Dries Drupal presentation.

update: lots of interesting presentations. Just some quick linkdumping

Euro OSCON 06 Day 1

So after way too many beers, whiskeys and cigars this weekend having fun with my old Jaarclub, I made it to Brussels, EuroOscon06. Checked in at 13:00, grabbed some food and picked up my badge. The funny thing is I used
my employers data when I completed the online form and never even touch the d r u p a l keys
in combination with the online form. However beneath my name, there was "Drupal" written on
my badge. Strange he?

I started with Alex Russell's "Building Better Ajax Applications". He is a good presenter, who needed some sleep though, I have seem him better. Okay, he slept 2 hours for the last 30 hours. His AJAX presentation is online.

I switched half way to building passionate users of Kathy Siera and hooked up with Dries and Jeff. Kathy's blog is worth checking out. I'll update my blog every now and then.


If I was out there looking for a new girlfriend, I'd be looking for
something completely different.

(regarding the needed change of Drupal's default theme)

— Gunnar Langemark

New IBM Drupal Howto

"Aus die reihe": Drupal Howto's from IBM; Part 5: Getting started with Drupal "Using open source software to design, develop, and deploying a collaborative Web site"

In this series, the IBM® Internet Technology Group designs, develops, and deploys a closed community Web site using a suite of software that is freely available. If you followed the instructions in the previous articles, you now have a generic Drupal installation. You can begin to add content and modify the style. This article introduces the Drupal programming model used in developing Web sites and includes a description of different types of content, developing new features using modules, implementing hooks to enable those modules, and site URL design.

A rather good howto I must say from a rather cool company IMHO.

The IE7 Myth according to Steven

Steven, the maker of the current theme at knows XHTML/CSS (and a dozen of other things). He also knows the browserhacks needed to make lame browsers act as they should. (Yes kids, you should know your IE browser sucks when it comes to standards and is causing the stall of webdevelopent, do yourself AND microsoft a favour by using a Mozilla browser!)

At his blog, Steven writes about a mail we got half a year or so ago on the mailinglists of from Microsoft:

The IE7 Myth

A while ago, we got contacted at by the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility team about layout issues in IE7 on our site. The e-mail was intended to help web developers prepare for IE7 by pointing out problems.

Read the article and if you like it, digg it here.

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